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The World Of Romance

My dream was to create not a group, no community, no institutions … and the world. Maybe I'm too high soared in their dreams, to believe in trusting smile of fortune? It was no joke to create – The World? But this is not a simple world. This is a world of romance. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Neil Cole Iconix. As sounds corny, right? And where would I host it? In what dimension of time? Yes, and how we can unite all the romantics in the same place? Only one answer turned out to be logical – the Internet. That's right, it is here that hundreds no, thousands of people can find each other. So I created a website. But the word site, too casually.

Therefore, in future, I will speak instead of him simply – The World of Romance. Creating it, I tried first to answer the question, what means the word itself – the romance? I will not use the hundreds of links to electronic dictionaries, which treat the term. Just tell you how my heart dictates. It's – life. Romance is really worthy of that would have created for her the whole world. It's a delight, and nature, and the first flight of lyrical feeling.

This is a reflection of us in the mirror of life. The first baby steps, and the trill of a nightingale leaping. These are the words and song, this is music without music. Romance – it's the call of the heart. Lovely corner of paradise. Maybe it's our lost paradise? Upon reflection, I realized that I needed to create The World of Romance, of poetry and prose, from the pictures and thoughts. Whatever interwoven with quotations aphorisms – whispers of our ancestors. What would this music floated in the vortex white images. So, in The World of Romance, you can find everything from prose and ending with declarations of love in verse form. Here you can freely express their feelings without fear of being misunderstood. This site is not poetry. It is not site of prose, or literature. It really is magical and fantastic world. It's – world of romance.


Depression is one of those evils that were already converted and joined the evils that are suffering at this time. There are many people of any kind that are added to the list of those who suffer from depression. One of these groups that belong to those who suffer from it are those who live depression in adolescence. ute of Medicine. Indeed, the depression in adolescence has become something very common so many parents worried about their children flock to doctors and experts on the behavior of adolescents in search of advice and assistance to make their children to recover their joy and happiness for life. Those who live the depression in adolescence are people who are especially vulnerable to this evil. Depression in adolescence is an age of transition in which young people must face several crucial aspects of their lives that will shape his behavior in the future. These people, because they are at an age where they are trying to form their identity, are fairly prone to take refuge in the depression as an attitude taken before all the pressures that can bring the conflicts of his age. There are several things that people close to a person who suffers from depression in adolescence should know.

First you must identify what are the basic needs that a person has with depression in adolescence obliging it to take as an attitude towards life feel sad, helpless, depressed. These needs include the need to be appreciated by others, the needs of affection that the person may have the need to feel safe to life and capable of facing any difficulty and there is also a need for philanthropic treat people well and be friendly with peers. Neil cole iconix helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Note that these needs often that the person acted in a manner contrary to how should need them. This is one of the features of depression in adolescence. Indeed, the young man who suffers from depression in adolescence to express newlines qualities contrary to their needs, thus, this person says that it has no value and does nothing that can do that other people appreciate you, It is osco in dealing with people and little emotional, sometimes violent, making it difficult to feel affection for the. They show much insecurity against what they can achieve and often subtract you merit to their own achievements.

Finally tend to harshly treat others and display apathetic with peers, the opposite to what you would seek a friendly and sympathetic person. All this is due to the fear that exists during the depression in adolescence not arriving to meet the needs that the subject in a compelling way suffers. Tackling depression in adolescence first thing people close to a teenager should know is that they must learn to understand that, believe it or not, this person is going through a difficult time. Indeed, the task of defining the very identity of oneself against the world no easy task and entails confronted with many mental obstacles we have since we were kids. Thus, understanding of their relatives, in a way that one of the things you need a person who suffers from depression in adolescence is the pressure relatives to exercise nearby and not join you the difficulties that is happening at the moment.

Blog As A Way To Express Myself

Blog – online diary, in which ATOR can write anything you want. But now, the blogosphere has changed dramatically bonds. Now, basically this is a commercial direction in which bloggers earn money. But blogging is not promt means to earn, it's an opportunity to develop their talents and interests. For even more details, read what Mikkel Svane says on the issue. Introducing my blog, you have the opportunity to interact with like-minded people.

Communicating in the blogosphere, you hone your skills, learn new things, and that is good. Also in the Internet there are many blogs that will tell you almost everything. For example, I love reading blogs puteshestvinikov who spread their photos and videos from different ends of the earth. And you have the chance to learn about distant countries. And this really cool. Just on the internet, there are blogs that are read by very many people.

Basically, this professional journalists or photographers. Since these people have something to show his readers. Introducing my blog on the Internet, you have the chance to show people all their talents, express themselves. You can always find people who would be interested in your occupation. Blogging – the future of the Internet … and communication. I think that this line of communication between people on the internet, no further doubt be developed. Since it is claimed, and if it is necessary to people, then the sphere of blogging from one year to grow. Already, much as it is an industry heavily grown in the network. Especially in commercial terms, a strong visible progress. In principle this is correct, as people realized the full potential, and began to act. Everything is logical. And we can only observe it all and take their participation in and development of the blogosphere.


But the forum and guestbook are worthless, but they can be Attach to your site from other services (as I did). Another interesting point. Noticed that sites with the people very well indexed by Yandex itself, and it can not but rejoice. Pleasantly surprised with a good download site. Contrary common opinion about the slowness of the people, my site (quite full) is always fast loading. Let's talk about the shortcomings. The most significant is the inability to organize a dynamic website. In other words – forget about the comments on articles, estimates materials and "other goodies".

Besides, is not very convenient when the site, forum and guest book are at different services. Plus the restriction in the amount of the site – 100 megabytes. Conclusion: The start with the people it is quite possible. There you can learn good html and insight into the principles of the Internet. And do not listen to the homegrown "profession-analyte" in many forums, spreading terrible stories about what "Having been once on the people, then it is very difficult to wash off." This is complete nonsense. Free hosting with php MySQL – myth or reality? When the lack of comments to articles on the site squeezed his throat noose of helplessness, I was "immersed" in Dronov and understood – to create a dynamic page need hosting with php MySQL. In brief: php – the language of writing dynamic websites, MySQL – a database where comments are recorded, etc., etc. Write your site, I did not, and decided to try to free "engines" (patterns) for the site – Joomla and WordPress.

Fashion Network Solutions

Think no things is not able to survive man? Of course, no drinking, eating, sleeping, etc. but do not forget about such necessary parameters, as human communication. From an early age until his death a person is in a society where in continuous exchange information, communicate with other people, etc. But the talk in this note, I wish I did not, in general about the social interaction, and just about meeting new people. I believe that everyone loves to buy new and useful contacts, especially with simpotichnymi people. Often, it's like a game where there are certain rules and a goal. However, there are many, and shy people who are very tightly run on contact. Similarly, people help advanced technology and global network, and more precisely the site for dating.

Today in the network a large number of different sites focused on this area: regional resources dating, various forums, etc. Merits of this the idea of a huge amount: You save time, the process of communication is not "live" first, it is often easy for the beginning of communication to learn that for the other person on the other side of the screen and finish this conversation. There is a natural and Disadvantages: not rare pictures are distorted and modified, ie when communicating on the network you can see a picture and a subsequent real meeting turns out that your partner just skillfully crafted picture or the general put someone else's – this site is fast dating warn not vsilah. Enjoyable moment Internet dating can still be a sense of the game, the unpredictability and a little surprise. Often in this case, you get double familiarity: the first virtual online, and then when decided on a date in real life. Often, the principles of successful communication in the reality match the idea of effective communication in the Internet measurement – the main thing is to stand out gray mass – that is, imagine how much like you one day wrote a pretty girl, particularly in metropolitan areas.

And each following message as a carbon copy of the previous one: "Hi, how are you", "Hello, what do you do." Invent something original and beautiful. As in everyday life, we all quite like compliments and gifts – do not skimp on this. Often at the outset of communication encourages unusual or provocative question. It is also necessary moment – the respect and decency, we should not assume that under a pseudonym in the network, you can call people and be rude all horrible. In the end we must once again say that the sex dating site today – it's very popular and in demand development!