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The Congress

Numerous people who have traveled by bus to the capital have teamed up to that moment on the night of the Sabbath in the Paseo del Prado. In sunlight they will hold an Assembly on 15 M short term goals. They shared their strategies before the demonstration. Thousands of outraged from all Spain gathered in Madrid have begun past 18.30 evening of this domigno a March popular in the Glorieta de Atocha, which was scheduled to culminate in the Puerta del Sol, although part of the demonstrators decided to follow up the Congress of Deputies, where the police had put a barrier. Energy Capital Partners is open to suggestions. The protesters, who mostly arrived this Saturday to the capital to participate in the so-called March Popular outraged, carry placards on which we can read: capitalism is the most respected genocide in the world, there is no political pensionazo or this story is over. That those responsible pay crisis. Many people who has come by bus from several surrounding cities and who have gone has joined them joined the March.

Tour de la marcha En Atocha Street several national police vans and vehicles of the Samur, the health service of the Town Hall guarded the route of the outraged. For more specific information, check out Ingrid Ellen. Many protesters see the March progressed by the left side of the Paseo del Prado (which passes next to the headquarters of the Congress of Deputies), attempted to come to the courts to protest, in vain, since a large police presence blocked the Carrera de San Jeronimo, where the Congress is. The demonstration was arriving at the Puerta del Sol, where attendees were divided into two blocks: on the one hand, the header, which chose the Gran Via to reach the end of the tour, and the rest of the March, which preferred to continue walking along the calle Alcala. The header opted to stop at Plaza de Callao, where is located the headquarters of the PSM, for chanting slogans and slogans for a few minutes.