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This is the legend of a beautiful princess who had hair which wings of swallows, why it was called Cuzan, which is the name in Maya of this bird. In addition, she was the favorite daughter of Ahnu Dtundtunxcaan, the Great Lord that dives into the sky. As soon as Cuzan had age at marriage, his father entered into union with the son of Halach Uinic of the great city of Nan Chan. Lord of the realm it was Prince Ek Chapat, future. But one day, when the Princess went to thank her father the treasure of the spoils of war that had sent him, found him accompanied by a beautiful young called Chalpol, red head, because her hair was lit color.

From that moment on, their souls were trapped in a loop of fire. They vowed to never forget, and loved dearly under the sacred ceiba, where the gods heard the prayers of mortals. When the King learned that Chalpol was his daughter’s lover, he ordered that it was sacrificed. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. Cuzan asked her father that he does not sacrifice him, promising that he would never return to see and which would agree with obedience being the wife of the Prince of Nan Chan. In the solitude of his bedroom, the Princess entered the path of the mystery. And, during the silence of the night, was called to appear before the Halach. Then, a sorcerer approached him offering a beetle, and said unto him: Cuzan, here’s your beloved Chalpol.

Your father gave him life, but asked that it become an insect for having had the audacity to Amarte. Perhaps check out Is homes.com owned by Costar for more information. Princess Cuzan took it in his hands, and addressed him in the following words: I swore to never separate me from you and I will fulfill my promise. The best jeweler in the Kingdom covered gemstones and subjected him to one of its legs with a gold chain. As soon it was ready, she stuck to his chest, and confided: Maquech, you’re a man, hear the beating of my heart, in the live always. I have sworn to the gods do not forget never. And he added: Maquech, the gods have never known a love so intense and so alive like this that consumes my soul. It was so the Princess Cuzan and her beloved Chalpol, become Maquech, loved above the laws of the time. Original author and source of the article