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Uk Insurance

English or British life insurance offered by some UK insurance companies in the German market. They include not only elements of traditional life insurance, but also the life insurance. The registration of the activities of these companies is done by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. This regulator controls the compliance of the VAG, set investment rules. The Financial Services Authority, with responsibility in the UK, takes over the supervision of the financial stability of insurance companies. It checks the satisfiability of forecast calculations and guarantee commitments and the distribution of the products provided, the appropriate sales literature. An important supervisory and safety functions have in the companies, independent actuaries appointed by the FSA.

You control the investment and reserve policies. Customer relationships with German customers are subject to German legislation, the court of jurisdiction is Germany. The customer service is through offices in Germany and other continental European countries, backed up, so is the conclusion of a British life insurance problems. For several years in providing life insurance policies that the blessing of the Federal Office have received for insurance, because they meet all requirements in Germany. There is no currency risk because the insurance on a EUR basis to be completed. As the insurance of a German insurance company is subject to the English the same favorable tax rules. However, contributions to British life insurance are tax deductible as special expenses. This is not possible for unit-linked life insurance. During the difficult stock market from 1999 to 2003, its British life insurance for your members an average yield of about 10%.