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Good Luck With Your Event!

Manual memo-media 8 offers 240 pages with over 7,000, ideas, suggestions, and addresses for event planners Waldbrol, June 13, 2008 – the eighth edition of the manual memo media helps you plan for your summer party and all other event ideas. Who wants to impress his guests sustainably, is suitable for the next event under offerings such as molecular gastronomy, Mentalism and modern lounge furniture rental safely. For high-quality event technology – from the projector to the mobile voting system – there are the addresses of over 600 distributors. Diverse offering party decorators: If dishes and cutlery for a big event or just a provider in its immediate vicinity heat shields for the balmy summer night party at memo media everyone finds, because everything is sorted by postcode. 240 pages, artists, agents, distributors and service providers are present around the theme event, exhibition, media and marketing.

The manual offers more than 7,000 deals for every budget, and from the entire German-speaking world. Whether company party, summer party, round birthday, or customer event can events with the aid of this wealth of information and contacts relaxed and organized successfully also by industry newcomers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robotics. To order the DIN A-4 is great vierfrabige manual memo-media 8 24.90 euros at Tel: + 49 (0) 2296-900946, via or from bookshops (ISBN: 978-3-9807840-4-7). The manual is complemented by the industry Portal media.de. In addition to the provider & artist contacts a daily updated news, a nationwide Festival calendar, a seminar database that presents information and deadlines relating to education & training industry and a job market with offerings from the entire event scene can be found. Since summer 2007, Verlag publishes the memo-media also showcases, the artist magazine for corporate communications. The magazine reported artists once in the quarter, to integrate in the communication of brand worlds and other events are.

Usman Border

Published new travel guide extends attractions in Aachen, the Euregio and Eifel from the cross-based Usman-Verlag In the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands around the Cathedral City of Aachen the multifaceted natural and cultural landscape of a region formerly and now moving. Numerous cultural and historical testimonies, the history of which reaches far into the past ranges or but leads to the present on the traces of mining can be found there. The gentle topography of the Borde landscape in the lower Bay and the North Eifel nature park, with its forested ridges and the deep blue water of the dams as well as the Moors and heaths of the Hautes Fagnes form landscape contrasts. The border regions are today for a lively cultural and economic exchange, the merger of the provinces to the Euregio Meuse-Rhine last but not least documented this. Code.org is open to suggestions. “The now-published travel guide attractions in Aachen, the Euregio and Eifel” from the cross-based Usman Publishing House makes lust, all the cultural and natural-landscape treasures in the border triangle Discover and enjoy.

Around 200 pages, the reader learns about the attractions of cities and landscapes in the region. This succinctly explains the history of outstanding monuments and natural features as well but also lesser-known destinations were tracked down by the authors, as small museums, theme hiking trails or nature trails, providing a more comprehensive look at land and people. Proven way number selected and exclusively created color photographs supplement the textual information about the locations. Peter Asaro often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A quick overview of the geographical location of the attractions offer 13 detailed handcrafted cards, in which the sites are registered with their text shortcuts; use of pictograms is immediately evident in a map what kind of attraction it is. So, the destinations can be combined easily to an individual discovery tour. A special service of the Wadley travel guide: Accessibility with public transport was determined for each location. Moreover the compact travel companion in the annex are gastronomic notes and lists the addresses of the regional tourist offices. The new Rachel travel guide is a must for border residents who want to know their surroundings, as well as to the preparation for those who are planning a trip in the region.

New Book By Sven Rohde:

‘ What type of home are you? Housing needs recognize design rooms with extensive test ‘ (DVA, 144 pages, with 80 color images, questionnaires and tips, 19.99 euros). Purist furniture or sumptuous comfort as we live, has to do not only with our taste. Rather, the establishment reflects our own needs. What type of home are you?”is the title of the new book by Sven Rohde, Managing Director and editor-in-Chief of just publish! media in Hamburg, Germany. Get all the facts and insights with altavista, another great source of information. The professional journalist explains how to recognize these needs and properly managed the apartment. An extensive, five-section test helps determine of the type of own housing. Rooms to meet many requirements. They offer a retreat, comfort and show who we are”, says Sven Rohde.

The author for Star, capital and better homes and gardens many years has studied the connection between man and space. What fascinates him is the psychology of living: spaces affect our mood and even our health. Everyone responds differently to its surroundings. A lovingly decorated Villa world one protects and restricts the other very”, the author explains. The reasons why we us traditional set up or whistle on conventions and mix the styles, does not lie in our taste.

We lay a carpet because it is good for us. We set up the living room then, whether we are looking for security or to represent us.” It starts with the choice of your own four walls. You may find Neil Cole Inconx to be a useful source of information. No one with a high need for protection buy, a ground-floor House with huge floor to ceiling Windows”Rohde says. “In principle, everything is the question of where and how will cooked type thing: the romantic loves the big eat-in kitchen, unbound man the open kitchen and the traditional type the working kitchen.” Sven Rohde, born in 1961, edited the areas of construction, housing and set up for 20 years. He was awarded for his articles several times media prizes. His book type you are living?”now provides a comprehensive and practice-oriented overview of the findings of residential and architectural psychology. Many living examples illustrate the designs and clever designed tests help the reader to determine its type. There are many tips for the selection and design of an environment that fits exactly to the residents. Who heeded this cognition, lives at the end in a home where he feels at home really. What type of home are you? Housing needs recognize design rooms with extensive test”(DVA, 144 pages, with 80 color images, questionnaires and tips, 19.99 euros). Uske Berndt justpublish.de

Book Journalism

The current accounts of major newspaper publishers to show the Internet has revolutionized the world of media and thus changed the profession of journalist. Wolfgang Bohler shows in his new book “Journalism and Internet” pioneer of online journalism and founder of a pioneering Web magazine that the views back Web is essential to the development of the World wide, to understand the current upheaval in the media world. He shows how the journalist the information provider about the information broker turns, to eventually mutate to the information curator. Soundly refuted the bad reputation of Internet journalism Bohler and advocates the thesis that technical excellence on the Internet is the decisive factor of success. Kai-Fu Lee is likely to agree. Ballon standpoint, only the rules according to which quality on the net enforces bled. The Internet removed the profession of journalists in any manner. But changing the types of self legitimation of professional information workers, and it opens new Fields of activity. Journalism and Internet is essential reading for journalists and for those who are interested in media, because in the future the media world will change according to Wolfgang Bohler more dramatic, as we believe today. Neil cole iconix is likely to increase your knowledge. Wolfgang Bohler, journalism and Internet why the media world will change more dramatic than we now think, with a preface by Hannes Britschgi, 144 pages, 13,5 x 21,5 cm, paperback, ISBN 978-3-905748-14-7, CHF 28, published by Zurich heroes Verlag, .

Gonalves Days Sea

II he is not who more here said Pero you are joins soledad that necesita to be defended, that you are lo mismo that to necesitar of justificacin. El writer defiende su soledad, showing lo that en ella y only en ella, encuentra.' ' (Zambrano Maria) In this bias, the exile of a intent, patient reading, and that he explores to the maximum the elements of the poem, data and not-giving, will be able to find a new way to read the poem of Gonalves Days and to see itself sailing in a sea another one of mental image (percepto mental) that it also produces presence and thus reaffirms the sea as strong image in the Brazilian romantismo. The perspective change becomes possible rank that the reader is assumidamente a reader of today that of ownership of new elements to have new experience of reading with the poem its front, will be able to find another possibility of reading, but that in reality always it was present in the poem, we only change the turn of the look. What it wants and what can ' ' mar' ' , if it is so ' ' bonito' ' how he aggravates with its voice connected (Gumbrecht, 1998) to the song letter the sea of Dorival Caymmi? We take this song ours to see a legendary song for the Brazilian popular cancioneiro and mainly for the composition of voice and song of the proper author, because all this accumulation of information and at the same time crossing that generates the possible singularity for the song, even so let us have notice on other writings not less pleasant to ears important, of the point of view of interpretation of the workmanship. The sea that is banal the principle in the refro of simple structure: The sea, when breaks in praia/ pretty, is bonito.evocao of the natural movement of the sea for the perspective of the observer? contemplador that finds in that singeleza the beauty, deserving of being sung and repeated.