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Instrumental Music Forum

Brazilian culture salon for music, dance, performing arts and Brazilian way of life, to celebrate this anniversary present you Elisabeth Antonia Maria towel man and Joao Eduardo Albertini together the Brazilian culture Salon of Salao Transartes in Kreuzberg Forum Brasil. On September 1, 2012, offers all visitors the opportunity to discover the Brazilian culture and way of life facet-rich than ever, and explore. Musical and Visual contributions, different variations of the dance and performances make the evening a successful experience. With the help of the Brazilian and brasilophilen artist of the evening is the basis for the creation of an intercultural exchange between guest and artist. The Brazilian dancer Lilian Graca presented with video dance”their new experiment. Divided is her performance in three videos are presented in which dance variations. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robotics. Furthermore, we have the Brazilian flutist Marta Castello Branco guest this time.

Currently working at the UdK Berlin and dedicated to their work of establishing and Development of new instrumental music with special focus on flute sounds. Also deals extensively with contemporary Brazilian music. On September 1, she will enchant us with a repertoire of flute sounds. The journalist and multimedia artist from Rio de Janeiro Adauto de Souza Santos, “Ras Adauto” is another highlight. “His artistic works are contributions to the open dialog of the culture of peace” promoted among the Nations. The artist believes that through the ongoing influence of the art, the diversity among the people is emphasized and to better understand the people of different cultures and societies as a result. With a free poetic performance, it offers us the opportunity in the world of his lyrical works to dive. Also, we have a special guest the Brazilian singer, guitarist, and composer Monica better to guest.

She toured through the music scene in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 14 and could so in various cultural projects and productions of renowned musicians many experience. Energy Capital Partners contributes greatly to this topic. She best known for her theme song from the Brazilian telenovela “Beleza Pura”. Over 100 compositions appeared on more tours to all corners of their diverse country of Brazil and their first tours through Portugal, Spain, Holland, France and Belgium. On 1 September she will present us some pieces from their Repertory. A varied programme of music, art and video performances made one intercultural event managed this evening. Furthermore it also culinary goes on a journey in the cuisine of Brazil and their delicacies. Brazil close! Brasil for more information about the Salao Transartes and other events of the Forum Brasil found site on the Forum and the Forum Brasil blog.