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At The Gates Of Berlin: PUHDYS Exhibition In Storkow Opened

The PUHDYS in the Museum the PUHDYS and your music are, however, still long not Museumsreif! Anniversary 40 years PUHDYS\”, a beautifully designed exhibition of the cult East rock band was opened in the Kultureum on the Burg Storkow, South-East at the gates of Berlin. For more information see this site: Dave Clark Amazon. After the Jubilee concert in the O2 world and the interesting book about the PUHDYS, the rocker venture into at an exhibition of her work. To know more about this subject visit Dave Clark Amazon. Even if the five musicians from the rocker pension sing and have now also a solo exhibition, are the popular artists still in the full flowering of creativity. \”The musicians around Dieter machine\” birr and Peter hung \”Meyer days elaborately in glorious sunshine before the Castle renovated to the 800 anniversary of the city. The Minister-President of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck (SPD) was extra arrived for the opening of the exhibition. The politician was welcomed by the Lady of the Castle and the Castle hell.

Platzeck told of his enthusiasm for the PUHDYS (I grew with the PUHDYS\”) and then opened the exhibition: the PUHDYS are still a long way no exhibition piece! \”.\” The exhibition organisers and the independent Mayor Christina Gericke are happy about the successful exhibition, at least 1 year to bring visitors to the small town of Storkow. Band member Peter Meyer thanked all those responsible and exhibition curators, the exhibition in the wonderful premises took place. \”Meyer will abide by his promises as well: when Matthias Platzeck is Federal Chancellor, I will Regierungssprecher…aber only if I can keep playing at the PUHDYS.\” In the sun-drenched large exhibition space the entertaining open and appealing information panels with many images are in the gallery. The exhibition is arranged according to modern design concepts and offers also multimedia presentations of film and sound recordings, in addition to many exhibits from the cleared out attics of rock legends of.

Linkin Park Linkin Park

Congratulations, Linkin Park Linkin Park to announce special guests for summer concerts! Way the comments given the support can be only: no less than Coheed and Cambria and funeral for A friend will accompany the NuMetal heroes at the two Germany shows. In Stuttgart and Grafenhainichen “total Rock” is so – finally the two of top-class support at full throttle and are likely to be worth only a live experience. The progressive rockers Coheed and Cambria (CAC) come with the recommendation now five studio albums that (they were previously as “Shabouti” on the way) released since they have their re-establishment. Hear other arguments on the topic with David S. Levine. With their dark style – rounded off with metal elements – and front man Claudio Sanchez’ catchy shrill falsetto voice CAC have created the perfect basis for their concept rock. Concept rock? Yes, indeed: the songs revolve around the couple of Coheed and Cambria, the history of which album for album continues. Since we may be so excited on new stories. Funeral for A friend are equipped with special praise. They were discovered (or rather the first EP “between order and model”) by the major label Warner, which immediately offered them a contract. What then followed, reads like a cover letter for the upper floors of the rock world: on tour with iron maiden, rise against and Killswitch engage, an album produced by Terry date (e.g. Limp Bizkit) -‘s can go on! 2008 finally appeared the most recent album “Memory and Humanity” which is presented with security even when the shows in the summer. There are still tickets for both open airs.

Bill Tour

On 14 November, the charismatic singer returns to Cologne runs the presale! Already on Saturday, February 7, 2009, Udo Jurgens the LANXESS will fill arena for the first time. Now Udo Jurgens put once again: the tickets for his second concert in the Saturday, November 14, available since January 24, 2009, to all known ticket agencies. Actually, Udo Jurgens, the 22nd tour wanted to go Yes somewhat quiet for 42 years. He wanted to take only\”32 concerts this time in the biggest halls of the German-speaking area. ssessing future choices. Now, his loyal fans have made him a good stroke by the Bill. The good thing: Never Udo Jurgens could start to relax on a concert tour.

Some performances were sold out far in advance. Shortly before the premiere, only remaining tickets available on the entire tour. Reason enough, in November again to Cologne in the LANXESS arena to return. The enormous demand is not but of course. Read additional details here: Byron Trott. Nowhere near enough at the present time. And which also is success spoiled artists aware: this is madness! It filled me with great gratitude and anticipation, when I heard that tens of thousands of spectators take the whole circumstances and the sometimes arduous path in the concert halls to listen to me.\” That is quite honestly meant, because as the musician is always on the doubts and comes with so to speak existence of fears in the world\”, so the live maniac who has not yet forgotten his beginnings in show business hard. Again with the game is Udo musical friend Pepe Lienhard, which accompanied Udo Jurgens across not only with his Orchestra over the years, but has also significantly influenced his style. \”Already during the release of easy I\” Udo had therefore pointed to the importance of the live qualities of his songs. Certainly not self-evident, because it needs for an artist blessed with countless evergreens already quite a lot of risk-taking to at each concert tour again the uncomfortable way of new to break.

International Convention

New album by the artist released on 02.10.2009. After Nik page in recent years with his crossover project disappeared songs of Lemuria in the world of neo-classical and situated with the blind, passengers-best of-album “Timemachine” the fans of his previous band gave a dignified farewell gift, he is now with his comeback album “Rocketqueen” back into the ring for a new round of sci-fi-rock n roll! 13 brand new rock anthems that get under the skin on the fans wait detail rally topped petrol, astronaut romance and a subtle touch of glam-punk a rich shot with atmospheric twang guitar. Aboard the Rocketqueen welcome you in addition to Mr. page also psychobilly legend Koefte De Ville (mad SIN), “Mr. According to Peter Asaro, who has experience with these questions. German horror punk” Rod Usher (the other), girls swarm Luminor (ex-cinema bizarre) and musical star Victoria Valo. Open fire! NIK PAGE – photos: he is unquestionably one of the most versatile artists, which the German music industry has to offer: already in the nineties NIK PAGE with the celebrated BLIND PASSENGERS considerable Achievements and decisively shaped the German electro-pop scene. “Songs like walking to heaven” and “born to the” made it on # 1 on several radio charts.

Since 1997, the cult band was more than unusual style changing first to the progressive electro-rock Act, and later even to the internationally recognized industrial metal band with video clip rotations & Mainstage Festival shows in many countries. Gave his debut as a novelist Nik page 2001 with the same name, acclaimed by the press science fiction epic of Neosapiens”, an entertaining, oblique, but still shockingly realistic cyber-punk-story in the Berlin of the late 21.Jahrhunderts. With his acrylic paintings managed Nik page crisis, chaos and creativity in the Pictionary exhibition”, traditionally in the atrium of the Dresden City Hall. “After the split of blind passengers could be Nik page from 2002 with his solo albums Sacrifight” and establish “Sinmachine” impressive and renowned colleagues like Eric Fish (subway To Sally), Alf Ator (Knorkator), joke Jay (and One), the last instance, Jurgen Engler (the Krupps), Sven Friedrich (Zeraphine / dreadful shadows), Joachim Witt, Tanzwut, Corvus Corax, Eva Polzing (blood Angel), Angel zoom and Dirk Scheuber (Project Pitchfork) win for Duet partnerships. The songs “Your Kiss” and “Mysteryland” rotated on various radio stations, the Mysteryland video clip made it on rotation on many music channels. 2006 Nik page teamed up finally with renowned classical musicians to lift the classical-crossover project SONGS OF LEMURIA from which baptism. Here he wraps together with musicals & opera diva Michaela Laubach black romantic anthems of our time in a fragile Chamber garment made of piano, cello and vocals. With the extraordinary songs of Lemuria productions he performed now in numerous theatres across the country.

2009, the Jack of all trades makes but again speak guitar & synthesizer. With the third Nik page album he presents the fans catchy dark rock anthems non stop and dares an exciting balancing act between Modern wave, alternative & glam rock. The current single “Voices From Outer Space” already rotated on various music channels and was the International Convention of the X-files theme song of the X-con 2009. nikpage management & interview requests: Wannsee rec.

Bad Schmiedeberg

For the benefit of a grace Court, saxophonist Kathrin Eipert is a free Christmas concert WWeihnachtstraume with saxophone”on the 1.Advent in the Kursaal Bad Schmiedeberg a charming and unique attunement in the Christmas experience at the 1.Advent, the 27.11.2011 at the Kursaal of the iron of Austria in bad Schmiedeberg. Kathrin Eipert, one of the few professional Saxophonistinnen is live in a 90 minute concert. To do this, it brings Saxophonistinnen and saxophonist of their 30-strong children and youth – saxophone Orchestra. In this Christmas show the attractive saxophonist takes her audience into the world of wonderful Christmas melodies like Ave Maria, Little drummer boy, and Handel’s daughter of Zion. “Classical works will be heard as Ravel’s legendary Bolero” or Beethoven’s Ode to Joy ” uniquely interpreted by the woman on the saxophone! Equally enchanting Christmas stories, touching poems and recitations about Christmas from all Welt…denn also when Kathrin talks is produced in a very short time Christmas feeling! Their charming, intelligent streaming, their sympathetic and natural stage presence makes this Christmas show a lasting experience and makes you a perfectly on the Santa Claus! Together with her saxophone ensemble interprets Kathrin Eipert but well known Christmas carols in a cheerful and jazzy style.

And the audience will be animated to sing along. Kathrin Eipert promised in an interview on the MDR television that she engaged in matters that concern her. And this promise now holds it up: the concert is free of charge and will be a concert of the heart. Because the saxophonist occurs free of charge, and their audience for asking for donations in favour of animals of grace Court Emmrich in bad Schmiedeberg. “Kathrin: I am very pleased to support this sanctuary, because it recognizes the value of a people from how he deals with weaker…” So then, on to bad Schmiedeberg in the Kursaal to a Christmas concert of the extra class with the Lady on the saxophone!