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NETWORKS and telecommunications engineering is a professional in the management of communication platforms, networks of calculation, management of remote systems and computer security with ability to install, manage and operate antennas, cabling systems, routers, switches, firewalls; as well as the management of data, voice and video technologies. Other technical or professional careers that can be found are: engineering in Computer security technical developments Multimedia technicians in technical Web developments in graphic design technical support and maintenance of technical computers in networks of computer data entry operators be equipment operators regardless of the area in which labore, the use you give it to a computer while you have contact or have relationship where involves the use of computer will be part of this concept of great importance the Humanware. On my part I have not left more than thank have accompanied it me on the study of the three concepts that comprise computers, Hardware Software and Humanware, thank that all this material this having good acceptance thanks to you, any suggestion, recommendation and contribution of material will be received warmly. Don’t forget to visit the presentations in Power Point format that are available and that they allow to make this learning more enjoyable is the link, just give a click and enjoy the material. or the presentation on the Humanware theme will be list tomorrow God first. For assistance, try visiting Kai-Fu Lee. And of course ask you that I follow accompanying in the development and study of our next topic where I have new surprises specially prepared for you, where learning is the priority that accompanies since the beginning of this project, so do not you off because the next topic is indispensable in the use of computers what theme be? Discover it! As special favor I ask you that you share this material with any person that you think is necessary to know, to learn and eager to enter the world of computers..

Government System

The Argentine State was born in the mid-19th century, and one of his first actions was to organize the educational system. State intervention sought to take charge of many educational functions held by the Church at the time of the nationalization of church property. With a centralist tendency, merged with the society by ordering the will according to the needs of the current Government (political, economic, or repressive) corpus. In the first instance the oligarchic State (1880) took charge with the intention to institutionalize its authority, consolidate the national identity and build the State itself. To this end, he appealed to ideological penetration, namely its symbolic production capacity to create a sense of belonging in order to ensure the governability of the mass through education. Dell may also support this cause.

This symbolic burden should be weight just to create new Argentines in the conviction that the established order was that they themselves wanted. But, on the other hand, managed to generate a system of social stratification according to interests of the sector leader / dominant, contrary to the ideals of liberalism raised in the Constitution and in the newly passed law 1420. From here begins a gradual process of politicisation of education and culture, becoming both in matter of State. ation. Trying to build the nation and, at the same time, be likened culturally to the large foreign contingents that they arrived to the country. There is sufficient evidence to hold that with the generation of the ‘ 80s until 1916 (Asuncion de Irigoyen), were prescribed in the Argentine educational system (SEA) rituals, the definition of the curriculum, the design of school practices and the imposition of a pedagogical and social authority that predominate for a long time. The path of progress and setbacks, authoritarianism, poverty, policies of structural adjustment, etc., contributed to make the State was losing its ability to organise and give step, in the last hundred years, to a speech bordering on neutrality school; current allusions resort on the fragmentation of the system, contents emptied speeches, the decline of the former teacher authority and the absence of ideologues and ideologies reformers and visionary. .

Las Rozas

Relativizing the capacity and the possibility of rules and standards. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Viacom. Not opposed to the thoughts or reflective reasoning of the other but incorporating them, combining them, and transforming the creativity includes reformulate ideas and make it as an expectation not a risk, errors should serve us to restart the process of reflection, create new hypotheses, sharing, imagination, intuition, logic, aesthetic sense. You need a rich environment that stimulates creative thinking, something that appears to be essential. It is important to keep the spontaneity, recognize creators efforts and strengthen the creative capacity. Barron (1969) Note that the creative process includes an incessant dialectic between integration and expansion, convergence and divergence, texis and antithesis.

Creativity and Cognition article: Producing Effective Novelty, Arthur J. Cropley (1999) mentions several experts explaining the creative thinking contrasting two strategies. The first is Guilford, who argues that creative thinking is divergent, i.e. it produces variability (involves producing new and potential multiple answers from the information available). In contrast, convergent thinking produces uniqueness (only search the more correct answer). Barlett, for its part, considers that thought can be open or closed. In turn, the Gestalt philosophy, identifies the productive and reproductive thought. Bono sets that thinking can be linear or side.

On the other hand, Rothenburg classifies thought in one janusiano, this relates to work two issues simultaneously; He also called thought homoespacial, which unites two seemingly conflicting ideas, or that are mutually, to produce novelty. Human thought is in my opinion a whole running while may be analysed by parties in an experimental work in a set of processes that separate, unrelated would have no ability to create. Say this from the perception that I have in most of the subjects that offer us analysis of the parts, and I have a feeling academic (necessary but not sufficient condition) be contemplating images of a human being lame or invalidated in some features that are stigmatized as controllable and so little scientific (but affection and fear are emotions that we condition up in the more experimental situations, and even affection leads as we have seen a creativity Enhancer elementreflection and rationality. And the flight even produces us personal constructs such as learned helplessness and then this becomes an obstacle to our rationality thought. How useful is knowing! Reflective thinking arises when we want to verify the solidity, the rational, something that we are dealing with, i.e. to prove its veracity. Except in probability judgments modules and elaboration of hypotheses, where one takes for good rules that must be followed to reach these concepts throughout has been a continuous reflection, and see how they reflect on the reason for the errors with the theories of Kahneman and Tversky on the heuristics of representativeness and accessibility, it has been refreshing, repositions the concepts of formal to filter mode logic and invites us to reflect any perspective, that if, with an orderly and arduous work.

Vision Mind

We have a conscious mind or rational mind and a subconscious mind or emotional mind. The way we think (aware), provokes our feelings (subconscious) and our actions emerge from there. This waterfall mode is developed. At the same time we have an environment that surrounds us, and in which there are two forces: well: is all the positive, faith, happiness, optimism, etc. Evil: it is everything negative, fear, fear, selfishness, etc.

The choice is our what what you surrounded, it is that you will have the intellectual faculties hosted in the conscious mind: perception, reason, desire, memory, imagination and intuition; they are those that give us energy to carry out our actions. Through the display, these intellectual faculties produce a vibration, in the subconscious mind, which gives rise to the creative process. 1-Perception: is your point of view. Two persons have a same situation may have different interpretations. 2-Reason: is the ability to take individual thoughts and form an idea. 3-Will: is the concentration of power in a single idea 4-memory: depends on the training and exercising like any muscle, does not depend on features different anatomical. 5-Imagination: is something great by means of which we can have to fly our ideas and find those things that we like.

It also develops by the practice and this increases our creative ability. 6-Intuition: is perceived through a vibration, it captures. When you sintonizas with something, you attract it, you are on the same frequency and, therefore, you can hear it, you can see it, you can view it. Usually refers to the confrontation: faith vs seeing is believing. But if you understand that faith is the certainty of what you hoped for, the conviction of things not seen, are talking about visualization.


How to convert TV as your computer monitor for some time I come my 32 television watching? and I think, why not connect the PC in this TV and play my favorite games on a huge screen? the same thing happens you? Well, so I decided to do it, but there are some limitations that you upset at the end. I’ll explain you later in this article. 1. Identify the inputs of your TV TV most have 3 basic connections. They have coaxial cable (typical antenna cable), RCA Composite Video, which are red, yellow and white connectors and s-video. Currently almost all also include connections VGA, HDMI, component and DVI. 2.

Identify the outputs of your PC. Now manufacturers are adding increasingly more outbound connections on the TV, that make easier its connection to other computers. S-video in particular seems to be gaining ground in increasingly more PCs. mainly will find the usual VGA output, which is where connect your regular monitor. Mikkel Svane is the source for more interesting facts. Currently many TVs have inputs VGA which makes very simple their use as monitor odenador, but we will focus on the connection in not so new televisions, which are which are more abundant in households. 3 Find the adapter appropriate for your connections. You may need to purchase an adapter or adapter box to connect the pc to the television. They consist in an adapter that has a VGA input, where you connect your PC, and a series of outputs, s-video, RCA, or components).

It is advisable to acquire one of these adapters, but with the feature that is wireless, which is much more comfortable when installing without limitations by cables and thus it is possible to connect it without having close the PC from the TV. 4.-connect your PC to the TV. If you have a connection in your TV that is compatible with any output from your PC, conectalos directly. If you don’t have it, you will have to connect them through the junction box that we have mentioned earlier your pc VGA and connects after RCA, s-video or component cables to TV. Turns on the TV and the PC and select on the TV the the connection channel you have selected to view the image. Now is the time that maybe you feel something disappointed. TV video signal is called a PAL (NTSC if you live outside Europe). This signal is different from that generated by computers. Computers use resolutions measured in pixels: 320 200, 320 240, 640 480, 800 600, 1024 768, 1280 1024 or 1600 1200. Most just TVs can display 500 lines of resolution, the equivalent of 500 vertical pixels on a PC. You cannot put higher resolution in these TVs, so as much as we enjoy is a resolution 640x480px. Nor is it a serious problem, you can play and watch videos in low resolution without problems, but at the moment you can not have video quality that regular PC monitor out. This problem solved in a major part of current TVs of plasma or lcd, given that include native connections VGA or HDMI, which provides high resolution without having to acquire any other adapter.

Ana Martinez

By grouping these definitions is that e-commerce is a modern methodology for doing business, in which the parties involved interact electronically rather than in the traditional way with physical exchanges or physical treatment direct. Indicates that the e-marketing understands the same traditional marketing theories but highlights differences through the incorporation of technology and communications at all levels. Specifically, highlights wonderl.com, we can say that e-marketing are all marketing activities that involve the use of the Internet. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Michael Dell. E-Mail, website or any other technology that will allow us to broadcast a commercial message to a targeted group e-marketing is attractive and complementary to any strategy by several razon:bajo implantation costs. Reach versus investment are favorable compared with other incredible mediosSu metering capability allows to know the true effectiveness of any campaign to instanteY, most important, your property unique interactivity make it a medium bidireccionalA despite these differences and beliefs, the same fundamental principles of marketing apply in the electronic world. Although the advertising and promotion are two of the activities most frequently exploited, these are just the tip of the iceberg in the universe of possibilities of electronic marketing. In addition, it is not necessary for your company to go into technological complexities to begin to take advantage to all high-impact of e-marketing tools. Very significant comment that adds Ana Martinez when he reminds us, is to consider the fact that the growth of electronic commerce is not an isolated phenomenon, but that in reality, occurs as a consequence, at least from the conjunction of three fundamental aspects: technological changes, changes in the mentality of society and given favourable by legislators and political behavior (De la Guardia2003). Is why electronic commerce, said Rivera’s (2000), can be divided in four different forms according to the agents involved: company company (B2B): companies that use a network to sort orders to suppliers, receiving charges and making payments.

The German

Instead of collecting data and derive a general conclusion, the deductive reasoning starts at the other end. It starts with a generalization of affirmations positive and negative older assertions – that we accept as true; We then apply this idea to a specific case statements juvenile – and deduction is obvious. In this process, the subconscious mind simply accepts claims and decrees – regardless of whether you are certain or false – and reaches certain conclusions based on such assertions. It is important to note that the two types of reasoning have a great disadvantage and is that the validity of deduction or conclusion which can be reached depends on decrees and affirmations is based are true or false. In general terms, the deductive process begins with positive and negative statements that our mind uses to derive a conclusion. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. The statements are known as premises that may be false or true.

Also two premises can be greater and the other minor, and a conclusion derived from the two. This is known in the field of logic known as a syllogism. An example is: major premise: all dogs are mammals. Minor premise: the German shepherd dog is a type of dog. Conclusion: The German shepherd dog is a mammal. There has been a process of rational thinking to arrive at this conclusion. This is simply the logical deduction from these two premises. So how it works our subconscious.

Unfortunately, many of the assumptions or statements under which operates are false beliefs that we have received from the outside world. And what we must do is to reprogram our minds with positive affirmations that will lead to an optimal level of belief. For which I recommend that you visit that you can receive more information that will help you in your personal growth. Original author and source of the article.

Key Of E Commerce

Whether you create a virtual store or take a traditional activity to the online world, it is imperative to think about certain considerations about the own Internet logic, that will determine the future of our business venture. Start with auction houses is an excellent starting point to begin to learn about shipping and payment methods, but it’s a very limited experience for the ambitious entrepreneur who wants to engage in e-commerce. A good marketing advertise the store online is a task that cannot be reduced to one or two specific actions, but you have to think about a strategy that includes both natural positioning and marketing payment in search engines, traditional advertising and all actions we deem appropriate to our online store. It is essential to provide fast communication channels and offer a rapid response to all queries that our potential clients may have. Marc Mathieus opinions are not widely known. Means of electronic payment one of the least investigated by novice traders aspects is the question of means of payment electronic. It must be taken into account that certain electronic payment methods operate at the national level, and others at the international level.

The best option is to investigate the most used, and consult the policies of reception and removal of background of them. Internationally, the most advisable option is to buy or to sell, is Paypal. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. Satisfaction to customer attract potential customers is nothing more than a part of the e-commerce work. The other part is to get the full satisfaction of the client, in such a way to form an ever-increasing circle of buyers, which, if we are happy with the service and quality of products we offer in our online store, not hesitate to recommend our site to other customers who may be interested in purchasing our products. Online resources fortunately, there are Internet countless tools for entrepreneurs, some free. So much so that it is possible no less to carry forward an undertaking exclusively from software and tools of free marketing. Although the Internet has facilitated the purchase and sale, we must consider that the best weapon is, without a doubt, perseverance. So that our shop is recognized should be a sometimes slow process of consolidation of the brand, positioning in search engines and obtain confidence.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

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Curious System Reserves

It is very likely that Tokyo is the best place in the world to eat. The gastronomic offer there reaches surprising levels of refinement, and accumulated more Michelin stars than any other corner of the planet. However, eating in Tokyo can present serious difficulties for Westerners. First of all, the overabundance of restaurants that is calculated, largely exceed the 30000. The second, and no less important, is the way to communicate with elected local staff.

One thing is to make from home, so calm, a hotel reservation online for our stay in Tokyo and another, very different, is understood with waiters and cashiers who, many times, not neither English nor Spanish, speak or anything. Japanese only. In fact, this is the usual scenario in the cheapest restaurants in Japan’s capital, since in Tokyo, as in any part of the world, the best gastronomic establishments are certainly the most expensive. Perhaps, even, by the type of change, more expensive even for Westerners to other capitals of the world. And if we speak of costs, another detail to keep in mind is that the Japanese feed in a manner quite exotic to Westerners. And that it is not easy to find more European dishes.

That is it quoted, in addition, where appropriate, price of gold. Therefore, do not doubt that in Japan we must feed as the Japanese. Now well, do avoid death by starvation if the cheaper restaurants staff only understand their native language? Actually, it is not as difficult as it seems. The most popular restaurants in Tokyo are usually placed at the surroundings of the train stations. Frequented mostly by clerks, they offer full menus at very reasonable prices, generally composed of rice noodles and a bowl of soup, and provide the guests with water or iced green tea at discretion (current Tokyo water can drink without fear). To the relief of the foreign public, most of these establishments are handled with a curious dishes prepaid booking system. In effect, a machine ticket vending welcomes guests to the local input. In each one of its buttons there is a picture of the different menus or dishes. The diner chooses a dish, abona, removed his ticket, choose table and to sit, delivers it to the waiter. Curiosities of life in Tokyo.