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Web Information

Scenes for the exchange of information The technologies of the information have facilitated a variety of tools for the handling of content with free access, allowing to make use of them through the Web, in which the interested users can install in their respective organizations, a manager of contents, who is not more than a set of programs, usually supported by a data base and that consists of series of routines in Web server, that allows the administration of the site on which they can work one or more people, each one of as it has a function determined within the dynamic Web site, appears with a design centered in the user. The objective of these managers of contents is to provide the tools necessary to administer the service life of documents and to facilitate the creation or handling of the information and as well the publication and promotion of the same, a easy way like completing a form, in a single data base to act all as of administration of the Web site. In a question-answer forum Viacom was the first to reply. In addition they add value with multiple formats and in the best one of the cases they add metadatos to the structure of the data base to facilitate the navigation and the information retrieval by different fields how author, title and matter. The diversity of these computer science tools for the developed units of information in free software available in the Web, each of them with initiative to place digital catalogues in lines of its respective collections, nowadays no longer is enough with having the accessible information for the users of a unit of information in form in particular isolated, in which the user must consult more of repositorio of information to satisfy his needs with information, he is for that reason that every day the use is made more necessary of the metadatos and standard formats like MARC to share the information enters academic institutions of form cooperator.