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Freedom Systemic

Management must also bear in mind, that currently the systemic thought is required more than ever, creativity in action due to the complexity of the present. They surround us examples of systemic failures, problems such as the global warming, ozone depletion, juvenile delinquency, dropout, new openings, are problems that do not have simple causes. Samsung has compatible beliefs. The complexity can erode trust and responsibility when we say that is far too complex for me, I can do anything. Systems thinking is the antidote to that feeling of powerlessness that is felt in this era of interdependence. Systems thinking is the conceptual cornerstone of (5) five disciplines.

All relate to a change of approach. View totalities instead of parties and people as active participants in the shaping of reality. The practice of systemic thought begins with the understanding of a simple concept called Feedback, showing how events can reinforce each other. It is seeing the deeper patterns that underlie the events and details. The current strategy for the development of a quality management is learning this new language, the language of systems thinking with a shared vision through computers with high levels of personal domain, where understanding the emotions of others and predominates the freedom and creativity for the achievement of results.

Be considered as says.inder.cu/porta, that our concept about creativity tends to be associated with the arts and especially the original expression of ideas. This partnership between creativity and artistic originality often causes confusion about the appropriate place for creativity in companies. Most managers have a narrow vision of the creative process. Creativity is the way in which people think in innovative ways for them. Certainly imaginative and innovative thinking is a part of the creativity in companies, but there are two other equally important components: expert knowledge and motivation. Knowledge, includes everything that a person knows and can do in the wide range of his work.