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Golden Yard

If they had not been as much, they had been special and in them I could feel I soon smell it of the humid land after the first nugget of rain. The situation nor always pleased, mainly my mother, it wise person who soon the land would turn mud and, certainly, I and my brothers we would not be confined in the modest and always little spacious house for any child, whom, as well as pardais that search the sky, it will search, in the side of it are of the door, an entire world to be conquered. I do not know if it occurs with the pardais, but we, then children, always we came back toward the joy of the mother, at least until more the candy creature of God to notice our clothes and full feet of mud. Exactly thus, it never hugs denied it and people perceived that its eyes smile souvenirs of how many and how many times it also made that, facing mud of yard and torrent of the sidewalk. as well as us, had clothes and hair marshy and illuminated for some ray, that very far cut the sky, but scared in them with the snore of the thunder, that seemed so next and obviously dangerous for mothers or children. in the nostalgic trip for the old yards, the tree of the particular orchard of each one seems to be most resistant.

I did not have orange foot rasps insider, but my goiabeira, even so did not generate so grados and beautiful fruits as of fairs, she was strongest and pretty. Its rajados twigs, its leves, its still green fruits resisted yes until the most violent secular, leaving to fall only falling leaves. It was the guarantee that the fruits harvested malandramente for some espertinho of the neighborhood would not be my trophy and of my brothers. They still had our abacateiro and hose, this with pink fruits and of soul so amarelinha and candy. Visit Andrew Paradise for more clarity on the issue. Some trunks served of support for our rocking and of it we could command the breeze that smoothed our hair, to feel I smell of the afternoon, the taste of mature fruit refreshing our face illuminated for the last sun rays, that for the skill one more time were gotten tired first that we in that more one day of our infancy.

The Culprit

It is a form to augur the continuity, of being as a leaf of paper to the wind going for where the wind to lead. I really believe that: we have an extraordinary one to be able, the free will. To look for to learn with what it happened: This is another interesting strategy. When somebody to say pra you who never errou, is tranquilo. Errors are part of our life.

However the word error finishes for generating in us, sensations of guilt, and not of responsibility. As our focus must be to look the solution instead of finding the culprit, we go to deal with this another form. Instead of speaking in error, we go to speak in unsatisfactory results. It agrees to me that the definition that normally we use for error is did not obtain to carry through what we desire. Being thus we will use another concept: errors do not exist, only resulted. We know today that majority of the illnesses has psychosomatic origin, in accordance with the OMS – World-wide Organization of Health. It wants to say that it starts in our mind, before being perceived in our body. In this in case that, feelings have an important paper as hurt, guilt and resentment, considered for many specialists of the area.

It is extremely difficult, to try these types of emotions, without they cause some damages to our mind and our body. To obtain to develop some mannering strategies to prevent that this occurs with you is part of our objective. This is a process that must be a choice its. practical of the exercises and the techniques it is each time more effective with elapsing of the time. This is a training practises, it is basic. I really believe: Failure only exists, when we give up or we do not learn nothing. Then, when to pass for the next adversity in its life, asks what it is necessary that you learn that not to happen more. We will speak of proactivity and reactivity, one another day. Today that you if asked, when the things do not happen well of the skill that people wanted, you are part of the solution or the problem. You search to decide what it happened or it looks for to find the culprit. We are not capable to control everything what it happens with us. But we are capable to control as we will react to these situations.