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The company Bay plant engineering new heating systems the with the help of heat pumps operating the company engineering, in the field of residential and commercial buildings in Novi Sad operates Bay, plans to incorporate new heating systems, which work with the help of heat pumps in their facilities. The new heating systems use water as a thermal energy source. With the drilling wells up to a certain depth, you could water of 15?C get, that you can also warm with heat pumps then send in the system. The advantage of this system is that in the summer the water can be used for the passive cooling device. With the help of the underground lines and Fenkoil devices, the energy would come to the users. It is known that the heat from the soil is evenly distributed and the user is responsible for the comfortable feeling. Learn more at: Robert Bakish.

Such systems would lead to the improvement of the quality of life and, as the results of the market analysis have a positive effect on the sale of real estate. Under the terms of the Economic crisis, where an apparent decline in the demand for real estate is noticeable, understands the direction of Bay, that the company must apply to new systems and solutions that improve the quality of life engineering. The vision of the company is to remain a leader in the construction of residential and commercial buildings in Novi Sad, so that there is a to implement the obligation for the management is to adapt to new technologies and solutions. The implementation of such heating systems would lead to a large extent, to the increase in the sale of developed residential and office space. Under today’s conditions, the people prefer increasingly energy-efficient systems, and therefore, management of the company to take this step has decided there. This would strengthen the reputation of the company, and thereby bring a step closer to the achievement of the defined vision. The first step, which was successfully introduced and is the basis for the installation of this heating systems, was the training of staff for the installation such systems. This is followed by the implementation of all administrative tasks that is in the context of the implementation of the systems, so that all the necessary conditions for the implementation of these projects will be acquired.

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Modular construction: design, engineering, new technologies in over 500 illustrations. Representation of versatile systems for an efficient construction on 240 pages. Modular construction: design, engineering, new technologies in over 500 illustrations. Peter Asaro might disagree with that approach. Representation of versatile systems for an efficient construction on 240 pages. Since time immemorial as a few same elements and reduced construction systems used in architecture, quickly, efficiently, and economically build or even dismantle, and change a building. Consider the architecture of the nomads, the Crystal Palace, designed on the occasion of the world exhibition in London by architect Joseph Paxton in 1851, and modern construction systems of the 19th and 20th century in steel, concrete, or wood.

Elementierte, ready-made, adaptable for many combinations and combinable with each other systems will be linked in the future an increasingly important aspect of the architecture planning and production methods with modern. Shows “Controls and systems” sound and clear on the different types of prefabricated building with semi-finished products and components through open and closed systems to skeletal and panel construction. The systems are complemented by detailed drawings and colour photographs. Transport and Assembly of various systems as well as a glimpse of future building practices round out the theme and make the book in practice. Content: The most important systems in Overview: from semi-finished products and components through open and closed systems to construction methods to Montagebauweisen detailed and assembly techniques for systems made of wood, steel, concrete and plastic the application of systems on built examples of new technologies for the 21st century book information: Gerald Staib, Andreas Connie, Markus Rosenthal new August 2008 240 pages with numerous illustrations and graphics format 23 x 29.7 cm ISBN 978-3-7643-8655-9 79.90 Institute for international architectural documentation GmbH & co. KG woman washer Sonnenstrasse 17 80331 Munich Tel.: 089 / 38 16 20-0 Fax: 089 / 39 86 70 E-mail: Web: elements + systems


Thanks to new remediation systems for belt hook and roller shutter box, thermal bridges can be quickly and cost effectively sealed and insulated. (tdx) Most of the energy is lost through the window and the roller shutter box; Thermal images show again and again of old buildings. To prevent this loss of energy, many share the window. But especially leaky belt guides and non-insulated shutters are responsible for the high energy loss and must therefore also be ameliorated. Vyasa convinced now as already known specialist in the roller shutter box rehabilitation with new, revolutionary solutions. Details can be found by clicking Peter Asaro or emailing the administrator. Replacement of the glazing or the window without reducing also the roller shutter box on this occasion, is advisable in any case. Because the window glass is no longer the coldest point in the space, which condenses the uninsulated roller shutter box in included with the room air humidity cold anywhere else. Here the moisture accumulates and the risk of mold growth is very high.

The insulation of the Casing the first step should be for each window replacement. All DiHa remedial systems are doing highly water resistant and perfectly adapt to the roller shutter box. An insulation of the casing causes enhanced heat protection up to 70% at an at the same time increased soundproofing to up to 6dB. Draughts, humidity and mold have so no chance. In addition to the roller shutter box is a leaky gardens guide the cause of unpleasant draughts inside the room. With the new ESM building renovation belt Guide to easy screw on this vulnerability can now effectively be sealed. Absolutely revolutionary: a time-consuming disassembly of the belt remains out and thanks to the movable, dual brush technology is always the best brushes gap for each belt. This uncomplicated and cost-effective measure lowers the energy loss of the gardens management opening to a whopping 95%.

The energy-saving sample provides a descriptive help plan and measure”by Vyasa. Of the different ways the About the sealing of the belt guide opening up towards to the insect bust seal, all remediation systems than the original pattern parts are explained roller shutter box insulation. The new, free guide of Vyasa with many energy-saving tips for your pleasant and healthy home is also helpful.