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On the road looking for good examples at the invitation of the Government of Respektanien we had the opportunity to look around in the country. Of course, we were very curious to learn more about the background. After all, this country in all statistics is at the forefront. We were asked to put our issues, because we wanted to know everything about the major features and tasks of governance. The local government representative gave us information then willingly. It was not the sound of know-alls and always did more with, that there may be better solutions. Also, their words were often accompanied by quizzical looks. For all the models was always modesty and gratitude felt. If you would like to know more then you should visit neil cole iconix.

You could tell this modesty with the hosting. Simple, down to Earth without pomp and swagger. Rights, obligations and fundamental values in the Constitution the essential fundamental rights for all citizens in the Constitution of Respektanien are equality, freedom and justice. Explicitly running it, that freedom where their Has limits, where other living beings but also the nature and the environment come to harm, or are restricted in their quality of life. There is also an obligation for all citizens to the fundamental values of solidarity, modesty and respect. And initiative and curiosity as important values for the further development of the State, for a successful life for all citizens in the present and in the future are also recorded. Mention should continue, that the obligation to disclose these values in their children’s education, for parents, is laid down in the Constitution. Government and management now was the Government Chairman to the word: we have a very lean organization for our Government work, little bureaucracy and effective management. We are concerned not only efficiency, we want to do efficiently the right thing. In addition to the management of the cities and towns we life room coordinators for agglomerations or geologically contiguous areas have.

Borough Plan

Citizens prompted the opposition to the land-use plan. Citizens prompted the opposition to the land-use plan. The be-4-tempelhof.de Action Alliance urged the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, to disclose the contracts to the Tempelhof airport. If on the one hand in the referendum in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg almost 70 percent of the participants speak out for a receipt and against a building and on the other hand even large parts of the Government parties reject a development, the question speaks for whom Klaus Wowereit ever arises. It the suspicion arises more and more, that the closing argument of a “posh airport” in reality was only a pretext for tough real estate speculation, so rather a “posh”residential area. No one wants a building of Temple of Justice out of the Senate. Byron Trott might disagree with that approach. The persistence with the Wowereit which still promotes plans is only understandable if one adopts a massive influence to third parties.

Corresponding rumors of agreements already concluded was reintroduced in the past always. We consider a full glimpse of the Act therefore for urgent. He is also part of the upcoming referendum. The Action Alliance reminded in this connection, that all Berliners have the opportunity up to July 17, 2009, to raise objection to the amendment of the land use plan. There are forms for the airlift when the Senate Department for urban development and environmental protection, or when the Action Alliance Romi square Cafe. You may find neil cole iconix to be a useful source of information. Also the Tempelhof Schoneberg of district of will oppose the plans.

Since the amendment of the land use plan was also part of the successful civil decision by June 7, the trust people in the name of the district against the plans will raise objection. It is literally “The Flachennutzunugsplan for the Tempelhofer field should be attributed from 1984 on the stand”. For the Alliance, it is incomprehensible that a so clear in particular expression of the will of the residents of the district in the referendum consistently and systematically ignored.


How much is our damaged natural eco balance sheet still worth to us? When we deal with us and our nature continues as exploitative as it is today, we first destroy the heterogeneous cultural diversity. Then we bring nature sustainably in a State, how she ever worked in menschenlosen homogeneous prehistoric of Earth. Is evolution develop but then again people while there are not more fully the home compound? Also the nature of any error is”only once during cybernetic educated people seem resistant to learning. (As opposed to Ali Partovi). With values (soft facts), we create values (hard facts). With values worlds we create worlds of the goods. John K. Castle understood the implications. We call these cultural achievements cybernetic value-creation chains.

Cybernetics (mechanistic world – and people image (avarice and greed)) means neurotic 100% perfect control. supports you … ruinierende the natural raw materials robbery buildings! u0085 the Assembly line chord production of physical, chemical and biological weapons of war! u0085 the commercialisation and exploitation of all natural vitalist and cultural living conditions (plants, animals, people)! u0085 the standardization and patenting of living organisms and their parts. u0085 the genetic manipulation without regard to the incalculably harmful consequences! problem: cyberneticist transferred the values world of cultures (Cybernetics 3rd order, closed systems) to the open nature of the system (management 1 right, 1 conversion circuit). Now while every culture of a sense of environment (base) with a definition of the values is subject to (good or evil, etc.; Roh-Stoff luxury). A quantitative and qualitative reduction (UN) conscious littered all over our living conditions with already incalculable consequences are the result of such false commercial ur-cause effect thinking. For cyberneticist is the nature of a machine, which is maintained by imaginary spirits? Nature (evolution and entropy) is in a useful sustainable systemic vital to conversion circuit (scheme). Human cybernetic Intervention (control) use of nature (heterogeneity) or they risk an advertising the same desolation (homogeneity).