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Unborn Baby Typology

Physician 'Emergency' has arrived on a call to the newborn. Unswathe. And, looking thoughtfully at the naked child, asked: – Who is it for you – boy or girl? (From Nonfictional) Children. Someone they can be obtained quickly and randomly, someone long prepared. But as soon as the test showed two bands, we were immediately overwhelmed with conflicting emotions – joy, fear, confusion, doubt …

And perhaps one of the major issues – who will? Boy or girl. Folk how to order or to determine the sex of a child, a great many. And you can be sure – none of them are not 100% guarantee the child's birth 'order' of sex. And yet, let's look at the highlights of People predictions: 1. Theory of blood. According to the theory, women's blood is updated every three years for men – four of them. So, a child born of the sex, the blood of the parents age.

Honestly, the hardest thing in this theory – calculate it 'age' of blood. Me personally, it never succeeded. 2. Theory lunch. If a woman wants a baby girl, she should eat less meat. And vice versa – the appearance of the boy 'triggers' hearty meat meal. Again, personal experience proves the opposite – to her first pregnancy six years I was a vegetarian. A boy was born. 3. The theory of schemes. A very wise people have developed a system of circuits, which pledged to order the kid's floor. Calculations were made based on the age of expectant mother, and month of conception. Assured that the accuracy of this method – more than 80%. But again I got in the minority. Just like my two friends – one needed a boy, another girl, but it turned out the opposite. Motorola shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 4. Theory of the stomach and hands. Mom future boys will soon be rounded off their belly comes forward – as they say 'cucumber'. While those who expect a girl, get a load 'wreathed' on the sides that had previously been considered waist. Method is more than doubtful, and determined only in late pregnancy. The second theory – very very doubtful. Quite often, pregnant asked to show his hands and on the basis of what party it is their demonstrated a verdict. Guess rare. 5. Theory of ovulation. To give birth to a girl, you need to plan conceived a few days before ovulation. Boy – the day of oocyte maturation. This is because sperm with X chromosomes (the future girls) are moving slowly, but live longer. Reach the egg they have time just to ovulation. Sperm cells with Y chromosomes this time killed. The concept seems to be quite convincing. It is not clear just how to calculate this very day, especially in situations where a woman has an irregular cycle. 6. The theory of the pope. There are men who have dominated the sperm with the Y-chromosomes. Such fathers born in mostly boys. There could be no comment. 7. Theory mom. As women age increases the probability of birth of girls. Reasons are the same – great vitality of female embryos. A woman in the years to make the child a few complicated. The data are based on years of observations. And, in my opinion, they have some salt. But in fact, a big difference, boy you a girl or not. Your child you love, regardless of gender. So can I believe.