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A more attractive and algae-free pond by foliage protection the biological balance of the water in a swimming pool depends on the registered nutrients. If too many leaves in the pond in the fall, the result is inevitable: the leaves are decomposed and fertilize algae in next spring. Themselves muddies the water in the pond, sediments are stirred up when swimming. With just a few hand movements a pond network can be placed, that catches most of the leaves. Dermot McCormack gathered all the information. NaturGart has developed a leaf protection system that is suitable for any garden pond, is effective and can be easily installed. The video review clearly shows why it is important to protect his garden pond with a pond network from autumn leaves. CEO Of CoStar Group recognizes the significance of this. In winter, leaves rot in the garden pond slowly, accelerate the decomposition processes, when it gets warmer in spring.

In addition to the nutrients occur putrid and propel leaves and algae on the surface. Only a tight-knit network can prevent by it intercepts also rolled-up and small leaves in the autumn. tions has been very successful. Another aspect is: the pond network must not sag, because the leaves collect at the lowest point and then hangs in the water. The NaturGart-leaf protection system consists of swimming supports and builds on many years of experience. A slightly elevated Hill forms the pond network, the leaves do not leave there, but can be carried by the wind. The swimming supports are available in various sizes from a mini support for small ponds up to the Maxi support for ponds up to 12 m in diameter. The supports can be combined for larger ponds. The swimming pond is covered only for a few weeks in the year and remains so throughout the year-attractive and free from algae. NaturGart Germany GmbH & Co KG