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Citizen Education

Thus acting, it will possibly be developed autonomy and auto reflection for one better adaptation in the relations intra and interpersonal, becoming each time more the school a place of reference in the process of formation and constitution of the citizen and its subjectivity. Soon, the proposal of an education that promotes right and citizenship is centered in the stimulaton the autonomy and to the free one will with responsibility, calling attention to the necessity a significant education, that can contextualizar the contents of the curricular grating the facts of the reality and the daily one of educating, what it would imply a possible change of attitude, also in the quality of life of the same ones. The school of the contemporaneidade Ahead of the changes suffered throughout the evolution of the species human being, perceives that the society if also comes across with the technological advances, modifying and influencing each time more the quality of life of the people. Soon, as it cites (SAINTS; ROGERS; BOWEN, 2004, p.65): The institutions have abandoned the fruit of its existence, that is the human being, to focus the development of fantastic technologies capable to decide ' ' todos' ' our problems. This has taken the human being to a constant external search to win its problems, it has moved away what it from the true solution that is inside of itself exactly. In this direction, some models appear of families, breaking the idea traditional of the model father, mother and children. Consequentemente these new paradigms will go to influence in the behavior of the child, as well as in its process of learning, and to intervene with its relations intra and interpersonal. The school contemporary will go to come across with all this demand, that will be able to intervene with the education process learning, having this if to prepare to work this new reality.


Although to see and to hear many things in elapsing of the day, still I am surprise and I do not know if this would be optimum term to use, in relation to the behavior of the people. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Pete Cashmore. It is impressive and even though sad to see the ethics lack that comes reigning in the relations human beings in our society. Many people still think, although this being a subject that is very, that the ethical one only exists in the professional relations, en vogue commercial. They do not know that if we will not be ethical with us, we will not obtain to be with excessively. The ethics fit in any situation of our life. The ethics concept cannot be confused with the moral concept. The ethics total are internalizada, constructed in familiar, cultural, academic and affective the environment, in elapsing of the development of the personality.

It is constructed of inside for is (endogenous). Although the moral also to be internalizada and to be constructed, it part of a social group, that will teach to the norms or rules to it of as it will have to function, but does not impose them. moral is constructed of is for inside (exgena). Durkheim appraised moral as ' ' science of costumes' ' , being something that is previous the proper society. No longer agreement of Piaget the individual goes internalizando knowledge and to know, constructing its ethical and moral conscience. However what if it has perceived in the modern world is that these concepts in relation to the ethics and moral had been if losing, taking the people to act of the form that benefits to them, not importing the damages that will be able to cause in the other or itself exactly. The advance of science, of the technology seems to have very contributed for this and there I am obliged to remember Rousseau that placed that ' ' the advance of the civilization provoked the moral retrocession of homem' '.

Verbal Behavior: As We Learn Through Speaks

An important difference between the terms exists rule and instruction, even so both are considered verbal stimulatons. The term Rule is used for generalized contingencies and instruction for Contingencies you specify (Castanhaira, 2001; Cerutti 1989). Rules/instructions and auto rules can participate of the control of the verbal and not verbal behavior since they are adiquiridos for ambient contingencies. Thinking about the advantages and disadvantages between these forms of change of the behavior of the customer, we can say that it enters the advantages that the instruction offers is that a facilitation to the acquisition of new behaviors exists, mainly when is complex contingencies. As Skinner (1969) the instruction is used to complement ambient contingencies with low degree of discrimination. The problem is that used in excess, it can provoke a reduction in mannering sensitivity. Of any form, the therapy as control agency, can determine the exteno of the variability of to answer under control of the contingency in vigor. Many writers such as Kai-Fu Lee offer more in-depth analysis. The Rule passed for a speaker, is different of the auto instruction that is one stimulates verbal generated for the proper individual.

Thinking about Applied Analise of the Behavior in clinical context, it is known that it is common that the customer if holds in relation the therapist in the same way that behaves in the environment in relation the other people. The control exerted for the therapist with instructions or exactly exerted by the auto-instructions facilitates the acquisition of the mannering repertoire, but it can reduce sensitivity the changes in the ambient contingencies. The therapist can use of consequnciada modeling distinguishing the verbalizaes of the customer in order to select for successive approaches the final objective or to present ready functional analyses interpreting the behavior of the customer, beyond is clearly of the use of the instructions. As the instruction facilitates the acquisition of new behaviors, but the contingency can diminish sensitivity, is interesting if to use of modeling strategies simultaneously to prevent or to minimize the negative effect that can happen. How much the therapist, clear and necessarily points the 0 variable of control of the behavior problem and suggests a behavior alternative, the acquisition of the new behavior is fast, therefore the therapist is good for promoting way variability mannering that, in the case of ambient changes (many of unexpected them), the customer made use of alternatives to deal with these same changes, since the maintenance of the verbal control is most likely when a description of behavior reinforcing exists to follow rules. The therapist also can train its customer to discriminate which intrues and auto-instructions must be followed or not, by means of distinguishing reinforcing, since one of the main objectives of one therapy is to establish correspondence between what the customer says the therapist and what in fact the customer makes in its natural environment. The therapist, through the verbal behavior can establish appropriate contingencies for the acquisition of a bigger correspondence between say-making, being that it can be implemented contingencies and to consider that the control for auto-instructions is most likely when saying of the customer are developed by means of modeling, instead of being adiquirido by means of instructions. The therapist also can train the customer to implement the white behavior gradually is of the session and with this to diminish the punishment probability.

Marketing System

The other three elements that must have an intelligent working for your multilevel marketing system I continue showing quickly. Pete Cashmore has similar goals. 4.-AUTO reply is the well-known Robot that will send trace messages by us and will in turn have a triple purpose: take our part to contact all the training necessary, daily or inter daily, through a marketing educational. keep in permanent contact with them, to remind us always. work for us 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Without a break. 5. THE GENERIC PRODUCT. It is the product that will describe some important part of the marketing network and that will be very useful for your target market.It is in direct charge of giving your business the monetary resources you need for advertising, so you won’t need to spend up to your past savings in the same.It is not the product of your business itself.It must be inexpensive and extremely useful for your market.

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Systematic Methodology

Fill in the blank point in the story of his life, his findings and their discoveries. Maybe it’s for the better? Always nice to find and discover something for yourself. So much mysterious, unexplored. Create, invent, try it. Well, actually, done. During the ten years of practice have some thoughts on the matter, something was settled that a systematized.

The result of this systematic methodology was defined. No need to be afraid of the word – Methodology. This is not an algorithm or instructions on how and what to do. This is not a dry scientific theory, divorced from life. Methodology – a set of system techniques, allowing us to obtain a well-defined and logical result.

What can do with piles of bricks piled up? Little. But knowing the principles of building and being able to lay bricks, we can build a house. What is it? You decide for yourself. In this great value and benefits of stalking from many other systems of self-development. Stalking does not restrict freedom of expression and creativity and does not prescribe how and what to do. There are no rules and dogma of conduct, which the practitioner is obliged to follow. The adoption of any principle as a guide to action – is, above all, a sober, independent and informed choice practices. Way of the Warrior, which is based on stalking – it is rather a set of internal principles and guidelines, which person either agrees or not. Only the inner acceptance and empathy for this or that principle warrior’s way makes it possible to use it in their self-development. It should be noted that the road warrior – this is a very holistic and organic system, each of which is designed to strengthen and balance the individual practitioner. The methods of stalking in a natural way based on open laws and principles of self-development rights. It is, first all, the experience described by Castaneda, and the system outlook Toltec warriors, here are my own discoveries and findings, it is also the experience and findings of other practitioners and is a definite layer of psychological knowledge. Stalking – art and science of consciousness. This creative self-discovery and sober judgments. This is an extremely personal practice, which still allows for a systematization and analysis. We can say that this site is devoted to the theory and practice of stalking. That the practice – ‘is everything’, because a ‘credit goes only action’, probably no one unobjectionable, while also reasonable to understand that relies on this practice, which stands for these or other exercises, guidelines, principles and attitudes towards the warrior. As one talented German physicist Robert Kirchhoff: “There is nothing more practical than a good theory ‘, and Comrade Lenin, to paraphrase comrade Engels:” Our theory is not dogma, but a guide to action. ” I can only join the words of these far-intelligent people.