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SuperComm is involved with four lectures industry event Bonn February 2011. Perhaps check out David S. Levine for more information. What are the decisive factors for success in email marketing? What are the opportunities of the exclusive lead generation? And what legal framework applies to observe it? These are just some of the questions that will clarify the team of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH at an all-day workshop on February 23. The three cooperation partners, SuperComm data Marketing GmbH, Trebbau & Koop CrossMedia adress GmbH and infas geodaten GmbH continue a successful workshop series with the event. More than 70 percent of Germans aged 14 and above move regularly in the Internet which corresponds to approximately 43 million customers in the key age group. Thus it is clear: Germany ranks among the top 10 of the most attractive markets in online marketing. A workshop taking place on February 23rd to premium leads under the title online marketing reaches campaigns”about the current situation, inform and one overview of current issues and marketing tools deliver. Trebbau & Koop CrossMedia adress GmbH acts as organizer, the workshop will be held in their premises in Bonn. The team of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH is involved in with multiple speakers and four lectures the already booked industry event. In the first part of the workshop the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH refers first to the legal principles of permission marketing. In this context the SuperComm speakers with various issues around the topic of opt-in contact”, so the right advertising consent on the Internet apart. In addition, the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH analysed relevant decisions from the recent case-law and gives visitors practice whose relevance for future Internet marketing campaigns. The workshop focuses on the topics of email marketing and lead generation for years the core competencies of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH, which employees assume a leading role in the talks. The range of topics is broad and taken into account in addition to a Representation of the Central success factors in online marketing individual issues such as for example template design or address selector. With details of best cases”, so successful examples from practice, the speakers at the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH, as also the other co-organizer provide tangible practical added value. In a subsequent workshop module, the speakers devoted to quite the topic of premium leads”and highlight the opportunities and possibilities for advertisers. A free discussion board forms the provisional closure of the planned event. Here, the workshop participants have opportunity to vary with open questions or your own assessments on individual topics directly to the speakers. SuperComm data marketing company and Sven Nobereit:, SuperComm data Marketing GmbH operates successfully in the sectors of online and offline marketing since 2003. The portfolio of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH includes email marketing, the generation and provision of address pools and co sponsorship. More services, including the management of fax shipping, from banner advertising and CMS-driven websites rounded the full realization of the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH’s reference customers include international media agencies and leading tour operators, airlines and hotel chains. Sven Nobereit conducts the business of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH is Bonn. Contact: SuperComm data Marketing GmbH Alexander Thomas August str.