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Sand Production Line Stone

The Maintenance of Crusher in Sand Production Line Stone production line, also known as sand and gravel production line, is a dedicated sand and stone production line for buildings, highways, railways and other industries. Go to Jorge O. B├╝hler-Vidal for more information. The main machinery in the line include fine crusher sand maker and. Stone production line is generally applicable to deal with limestone, river pebbles, quartz sand and other materials, among which, river pebbles is of higher hardness, so besides routine maintenance and repair, we should also pay special attention to some other aspects if crusher sand maker to break river pebbles or adopt. The maintenance of Jaw crusher in sand and gravel production line: The maintenance of Jaw crusher generally includes lubrication and repair; constantly noticing and timely lubricating the friction surface can ensure normal operation and extend the useful life of the machine. If frequently broken hard materials, the wear and tear of the equipment would be more obvious, therefore, we should establish detailed service time detection for worn parts of jaw crusher, such as jaw plate and toggle plate, etc., and know fairly well in the operation of equipment. The start-up order of machinery in sand production line is precipitator (optional) infeed conveyor jaw crusher feed conveyor vibrating feeder, etc. To prevent the steel items or parts falling into the crushing chamber, we can install iron removal device if conditions allow.

Generally, the height of the pipes should be controlled to the four-fifths of the cavity s and particle size uniform so that jaw crusher can effectively play its roles. The maintenance of impact crusher in sand and gravel production line: 1, impact crusher generally operates stably, if its vibration suddenly increases, we should immediately stop it and identify the reasons for cancellation; 2, under normal circumstances, the maximum temperature of bearing is within 70 oC, if exceed 70 oC, stop immediately; 3, if the board hammers wear reaches limit signs, we should turn it around or replace it timely; 4, keep the rotor balance after assembling or replacing the board hammer and the static balance shall not exceed 0. 25 kg. m 5, timely replace worn liner to avoid wearing the chassis rack; 6, check the state all the bolts fastening before starting machine. Original link: