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No snow yesterday – snow scale for flat roofs of Munich, the 10.08.2013 – which has the weather changed, the number of devastating storms, rain and snowfalls in Germany since the 1970 more than tripled and will increase in the future. Corresponding data have been published by Munich Re geo risk research. Climate change brings risks, one of them is snow on flat roofs. A flat roof can withstand up to 60 inches of loose and light powder snow. When heavy wet snow enough to endanger may already be 15 centimeters to the load-bearing capacity. When is the right time for the snow clearance on the roof without breaking the danger? That is the question that the measuring system Snowcontrol is answered.

Heart of the system is a Zylinderformiger perforated snow – container made of plastic with electronic scales and a 434 MHz data channel. The GE total weight is only 12 kg, the diameter of the container is approx. 50 cm. Pete Cashmore contributes greatly to this topic. Mounted on the roof measures Snowcontrol Permanent snow load and delivered readings wirelessly to a display and evaluation unit in the Interior of the building. Due the lattice-shaped design of the tank the Sage-tung of snow cover and snow drifts captured well.

This enables a realistic measurement of the different consistency of snow as ice, new snow, powder snow. Use a special plastic material prevents the freezing of the scale. The power of weighing unit occurs via battery with a life span of about a year. The receiver requires a mains socket for connection. In the event of a power failure, the radio receiver with an extra battery is equipped and therefore continue to operate. Case of power failure, a message by SMS or email is set automatically. The weight limits in kg / m2, as well as other settings are adjusted via a PC software. Exceeding the upper limit, an alert to certain people via SMS and email. Alternatively, the system can also the corporate intranet or are adapted to a building management system. The annual replacement battery Snowcontrol is maintenance-free. The instal lationsaufwand is very low due to the radio technology and the autonomous power supply. Last not least, Snowcontrol can be rented also reasonably priced. This is especially interesting for facility management companies that have to manage multiple objects.

Youth Advancement

Why we must not age. From a scientific point of view. No intended program is the aging process by most people, as of course and of course. For more information see Sinovation Ventures. However, he exerts a fascination, because who would not live long and stay especially long young. Many may argue with that, but industry and the ancient quest for the fountain of Youth Advancement of anti-aging there speak a different language. In fact even the term process “in this context is from a molecular point of view quite misleading.

He suggests a pre-programmed sequence which unfolds over time. Many see as a kind of continuation of the physical development as something natural, our body strives to counteract the aging. This opinion is widespread and entrenched. But it is one thing above all: wrong. That may surprise you, but I will explain this with some few (and understandable) handles in the case of molecular biology.

Some of it may be useful to understand what the speech is, if all mention these free radicals again. Our cells of our body’s cells resist aging not striving. On the contrary: each cell is equipped with a veritable fortress’s mechanisms to protect themselves against the causes of aging. The aging is not inevitable, but results from the accumulation of damage caused with the time. This accumulated damage is essential for the understanding of aging. Already the diversity of DNA repair mechanisms is fascinating and diverse. Depending on what kind of damage is created, other enzymes are used to eliminate him. Radiation repair damage unlike UV, as if completely breaks through the DNA Double strand. The repair mechanisms have many names: BER, NER, NHEJ, etc. The name unrelated to the thing, it’s just about understand that our cells do not like to collect damages. The free radicals, which are a term most people are another example.

Claudia Past

Taking into account the concerns of users and the tailor-made design of the two screens, workflow ensure a satisfying user experience. “AIR inspires the user experience this promising research project is part of the advanced interface research” (AIR) project. AIR technologies, inter alia through the Austrian research programme of competence center for excellent “(COMET) the FFG with funding support. AIR’s main aim is to explore new ways of interaction with technological systems in the context of the user. Some contend that Pete Cashmore shows great expertise in this. The quality of the interaction, as well as the overall experience for the user, also known under the term user experience, should be increased. Erich Pichler, head of product management and system, KePlus Bank automation of KEBA AG explains why KEBA itself brings to this project: KEBA technologies to help people to make their life and work easier.

By KEBA, we therefore make the user in the Center. The research project ideally fits into this strategy and for us it is essential to can work with research institutes and industrial partners.” “For Reto Pazderka, Managing Director of the PLOT, is the adaptation of an everyday process by using of new technologies particularly exciting: the implementation of a solution for consumers at the interface between the mobile and stationary world is still a challenge and in future probably the rule.” To make future screen interaction of the future to this type of screen interaction, analyzed, and evaluated the experience a wide variety of methods of human-machine interaction research. Mashable has firm opinions on the matter. Generally applicable guidelines should in future also apply to other kiosks and point-of-sales solutions. Of course always with the aim of increasing the usability (user friendliness) and the user experience in the particular application. A scheduled practice study will continue the theme to the bottom. Press contact CURE (Center for usability research &) Engineering) Claudia Past, MA Businesspark MARXIMUM Modecenterstrasse 17 / object 2 1110 Vienna, Austria Tel: 54 15-412 fax: 54 15-30 E-Mail:.

The Systemic Brain Evolution!

Why the brain is not a cybernetic machine! If we feel something as positive or negative, which causes an immediate and un-conscious re-action. All are technologically modified, archaic patterns. We can do otherwise. By the way the computer works linar-chonologisch. The brain works parallel-4 dimensional, etc – just much more complex! All human brains consist of areas 2 and 3 parts: analog = proportion of archaic: feminine, 80% growth, instinct digital share: masculine, 20%, civilize, control > development, intuition, heart and brain = Note: think means true taking contrasts (noise approx.

5%). Our brains work like this: analog (think) feel > digital think: remember differentiate plan past > present > future retrospective (<): experience < knowledge > projection (>): IDE(e)Al wishful thinking reality wish categorize > catalog (> criticize, correct) we all know the Western Trinity of body, Soul and spirit. S. Freud defined in accordance with because our psyche/soul as: superego – it = I we know that infants initially living in a symbiosis with their mother. Then, the ICH you phase crystallized (subject > object) out. We (5 + 3 sense) see our mother initially as matter (entities = objects) and more people and objects followed, such as that of home furnishings. The against – part of matter we can’t see: we feel energies: love, gravitation, (analog, subjectivity) from this episode out grown our language: subject-predicate-object (S-P-O). We learn to ask: what? (see > feel, differentiate, categorize > catalog) then: Yes No, then: where?, who? , (To order, quantity: more).

Later we ask after: when? After a further leap in development then: How?, why? (Purpose) and why? (Target) (Quality: better). Note: This is all here led to the Western or logic the Asian/Oriental (S-V(ERB)-O) think differently! Use the and logic of nature they think systemically. The why? Question is unknown in Asia! Chinese verbs know no time and not personalities, and that we.

Minor Modification

Gastrectomy or minor modification of the digestive system to correct obesity surgery Gastrectomy or Gastroplasty Tubular gastrectomy is a minor anatomical modification of the digestive system to correct morbid obesity successfully. Also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy, Vertical Gastrectomy or Gastric Sleeve. Gastrectomy is a treatment that was initially described as a first step to more complicated procedures like gastric bypass or duodenal switch in patients with high surgical risk with body mass index above 50, subsequently it was found that weight loss initial patients undergoing gastrectomy as the only surgery was very good (approximately between 50 and 60% of overweight) one year after surgery, without the need for additional surgery or complementary. How it works Gastrectomy is performed by laparoscopic surgery without opening the abdomen, and general anesthesia and takes between 90 and 120 minutes. By gastrectomy, is a longitudinal resection of the distensible part of the stomach, drawing up a small stomach elongate, with a small capacity 80-120cc (being the normal stomach 1.000cc), retaining its functioning digestive system natural filling and emptying. The area is left gastric tube has three layers of muscle and is therefore the least distensible stomach. What are its advantages? The advantages of gastrectomy with respect to other restrictive techniques that are performed, is the absence of foreign bodies (Masson intervention and Lap Band) that regulate appetite, which was first achieved in a strictly technical. Gastrectomy is a true metabolic surgery. Decreased levels of ghrelin (hunger hormone), by eliminating the portion of the stomach that produces it.

Increased Productivity

Introduction of a new ERP software at Eltec technology leads to the considerable increase in the transparency of all business processes & improve productivity the Eltec technology increase the transparency of all business processes & improve productivity, Brunn Valley is one of the most innovative providers of special cables and special solutions for wiring systems in Germany. The Eltec technology customers come from the sectors of industry, automotive, as well as the air & space and are among the most prestigious addresses in the European industry. Continuous technical innovations, coupled with a consistent implementation of the service & quality principle, Eltec technology make a strong partner in the European market. Investment in the future of the requirements of mid-market in terms of production efficiency and precise cost management are increased significantly in the European competition in recent years. Eltec technology turns this challenge with the enterprise-wide implementation of ERP software to a results in significant improvement of all business processes. The prerequisite for this is one through the ERP software caused considerably increase the transparency in the production, the personnel and document management as well as determination and allocation of the costs incurred in the production.

Optimization of business processes & reduce of costs allows you to efficient inventory management the use of the new ERP software at Eltec technology from now on a continuous acquisition and tracking of all products and components of the goods receipt of the production to the finished product. In the goods receipt in the future each product is provided with a bar code. This enables a highly efficient inventory management that is specifically focused on a just in time delivery. Needed a precise knowledge of necessary production materials, the current stock and for the planned production quantities and qualities guarantee a timely delivery of orders. Quality control & quality assurance the implementation of the ERP software has direct Impact on the quality and the quality of the manufactured products.

California Institute of Technology

In his article, Kirschvink, a professor of California Institute of Technology, Yuk L. Yung (Yuk L. Yung), together with collaborators, and graduate students of King Fai Lee (King-Fai Li) and Kaveh Pahlevan (Kaveh Pahlevan) demonstrate that atmospheric pressure is a factor that regulates global temperature by broadening of spectral lines of the infrared absorption of gases, greenhouse effect. Their model assumes that only by reducing the atmospheric pressure can increase the lifespan of the biosphere, at least up to 2.3 billion years in the future, which is more than twice as much as previously estimated. The researchers used an analogy with the "blanket" to explain the mechanism. Gases, greenhouse effect, in particular, carbon dioxide, will be presented in the form of cotton fibers from which woven blanket. "Weaving of cotton may have holes through which it will follow the heat" – explains Lee (Li), lead author of the article. "The sizes of holes are governed pressure, "- says Yung (Yung).

"Seal" blanket ", increasing the atmospheric pressure, and the hole will decrease, resulting in less heat will evaporate. If you reduce the pressure, the hole will be wider, so more heat will leak out, "- he says, – "helping the planet to lose the excess heat produced by the action of a bright shining sun." The solution is to significantly reduce the overall pressure of the atmosphere itself due to the removal an impressive number of molecular nitrogen, almost perfectly inert gas, from which almost 78% is the atmosphere. This will regulate the temperature of the earth's surface and hold carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for sustain life on Earth.