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Computer With PVC Protection

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Lenel Systems International

The company Lenel Systems International has released a new module LNL-500B for the integration of the system controller SKD LNL-2000, and biometric readers manufactured by Identix, Recognition Systems and Bioscript. To exchange data between the module and the controller uses bus RS-485/RS-232, and biometric readers connect the device via two-wire RS-485 port. In total, LNL-500B can connect up to 8 readers who are assigned individual addresses in the SKD. In addition, the module has Flash memory for firmware upgrade, alarming inputs to protect against tampering, and receives power from AC or DC voltage of 12 V. For the storage of biometric Templates usually requires a fairly large amount of memory, so LNL-500B is recommended to use in conjunction with the controller Lenel LNL-2000. For programming the module using the application OnGuard Access, which allows integration of ACS biometric readers manufacturers such as Identix, Recognition Systems and Bioscript.

LNL-500B supports access control system dual mode user authentication – through a biometric readers and PIN-code. To this end, the controller you must connect the appropriate reader (keyboard) for entering the PIN, and the relationship between the reader and keyboard set programmatically using the software OnGuard. If biometric readers have their own keyboard, the system can be configured so that the password used to this keyboard. Built in the LNL-500B flash memory allows software updates without removing the device. Interface module biometric readers equipped with two unruly alarm inputs, which can be connected to the sensor chassis intrusion sensor and power failure. If the access control data input module readers would not be used, then they need to install shorting jumper. To contact LNL-500B is used with the host controller interface RS-485/RS-232, which allow to speed data transfer between module biometric readers and controllers at distances up to 1200 m (cable resistance must not exceed 100 ohms). To improve the reliability of the connection at great length at the ends of the channel bus is recommended to install terminators.

By port interface module can be connected simultaneously to 8-biometric readers, which will have an individual address in the security system. Each port is a two-wire RS-485 for connection with four peripheral devices on a bus whose length should not exceed 1200 m. In this case, biometric devices can be connected to branches of the tire with a length of 3 meters. n this idea. LNL-500B may be connected to c power supply voltage 12 V AC or DC. At the same time to connect to the AC source is necessary to use the power and neutral wires. In the case of DC must follow the correct polarity. In order for a power failure kept the software set up and correct the time, the reader module is equipped with battery backup power. New module biometric readers LNL-500B has already entered the Russian market, and it can be bought from a warehouse company ARMO-Systems – the exclusive distributor of hardware and software Lenel Systems International in Russia and CIS. For more information on the module, biometric readers and other devices Lenel OnGuard security you can get on request at or by calling (495) 787-3342 for sales managers company ARMO-Systems.


Alternatives to replace the system of deployed conventional agricultural production in the C.E.I.P.A, by an agro-ecological production system are many authors and institutions, who advocate the reduction of air pollution in the world, however there are few specific alternatives suggested to avoid such damage to nature. From this point of view, there is much to be done and it should start by publicly offering without limitations all practical and accurate information that will enable to achieve the stated objectives. A documentary study of all potential alternatives identified so far by the Agroecology intends to do so. This will allow to propose options more adjusted to the different conventional techniques that are applied in the production of the CEIPA systems. This information shall be obtained from works of authors or researchers in the field of Agroecology, which have achieved satisfactory results in what concerns biological controllers and soil ecological improvements. However it is expected also collect the largest amount of knowledge of the common citizen, who works daily in the countryside, peasants, indigenous practices and ancestral knowledge carriers. It is important to know the geographic and cultural characteristics of each region, which may affect the application of agroecological technology affecting the results and credibility about ecological techniques applied. The cataloging of data by country of origin of the research is needed, this by the difference in climate, by various biological means used as control, by the availability of resources in the zones and other factors that must also be taken into account to determine which ones are valid as alternative; the availability of the resource, by the economic system, efficient technique and features socio-cultural producers. With regard to the existing environmental problems Rodriguez (2010), points out that in Venezuela, he has abused of the soil, trying to exploit it to the maximum through tilling and application of agrochemicals, compacting them and filling them pollutants far above its capacity of filtration and regeneration.