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BONOFA Developed New Payment System

Thomas Kulla: ‘Our E-wallet system makes even safer and more convenient payments for business partners of BONOFA’ with the new prepaid card CASH7 there are already soon more good reasons to become a business partner in BONOFA. The innovative credit card allows you to not only withdraw cash worldwide and at virtually any ATM, but greatly facilitates also the cashless payments such as online shopping. Viacom is open to suggestions. In addition, CASH7 provides for an increased safety factor, because the cardholder decides itself with whatever credit he wants to recharge his prepaid card. Compared to classic cards with high credit volume and corresponding risks, a cashless means of payment on a prepaid basis such as CASH7 represents an advantageous solution. Business partner of BONOFA can order the CASH7 also in the future to especially favourable conditions, if you make a deal at the same time online.

BONOFA partner, opting for a premium deal, get the prepaid card with 50% discount. Who as Business partner with VIP status enters into the international network CASH7 can order even 100% free of charge together with the new deal. In future the business partners of BONOFA be can process almost all transactions through the E-wallet system CASH7. This not only means that online shopping via BONOFA will be in the future even more convenient, but also, CASH7 handled the entire management of transactions on the marketing platform can quickly, safely, and always open. Incoming payments of bonuses and commissions recorded without time loss directly on the credit account and are the card holder available. CASH7 provides our business partners in the future”a still more effective network marketing and even more control over all transactions, BONOFA co-founder Detlef Tilgenkamp commented on the benefits of the new digital payment system. Learn more about the benefits of BONOFA AG: about BONOFA AG BONOFA AG is the marketing network bonofa.

Complicated Billing Systems

The Internet portal SCOREMED will be a blessing for a large number of physicians, because it facilitates the tedious search for the appropriate billing system. The private patient invoice is a complicated matter for doctors and dentists. In addition to everyday practice, doctors have to deal with but, whether they want to or not. And often the search brings one to appropriate clearinghouses essentially: anger and stress. The company SCOREMED has specialized in private medical billing and developed a system, which significantly facilitates the entire settlement. The billing system and the everyday, every practice is different.

Different people find together to a team, to the people who come to them to help with all the skills that are available. Also the billing systems are not equal, while system A great practice X fits, it’s for practice Y completely unusable. The challenge for doctors is now a billing system to find, which corresponds to the demands of one’s own practice. Than a private medical clearing houses could help, but so far it was difficult to perform such comparisons. SCOREMED has ensured well through four simple steps that any practice on a simple way comes to the billing system that is tailored to you. First, the doctor enters the four steps to the simple billing his personal preference for the settlement.

For this, he uses a practical slider. SCOREMED provides an overview of the systems that the physician be eligible after this step. He receives in addition important data such as market experiences, customer number, or the possible volume. The third step creates a list that will best meet the wishes and needs of the respective practice. The quotations and the clear collection of offerings follow. Neutrality is important! The leaders of SCOREMED are not only experienced and are close to the entire Issue of private medical clearing houses. You are in also neutral, because aim not to work with certain providers and others outside. It’s the best solution for the physician. Neutrality is the basis of the work of SCOREMED. Therefore, also the commissions are standardised. This means: no matter which billing system is chosen, the amount of commissions for SCOREMED is always the same. It is noteworthy that in many industries, various high commissions decide on the recommendations, which are pronounced. With regard to the neutrality, also applies to data protection. SCOREMED deals with the customer data responsibly and reliably. A transfer of data is done only if the customer expressly permits this. All in all it can be said that SCOREMED is a platform that has lacked the medical field and the demands for efficient billing systems. Scoremed is an independent Internet portal, with the doctors and The settlement find dentists, which fits best to the inpiduellen practice situation. The costs, services and quality are made directly comparable. Scoremed simplifies the selection process for a private medical clearing house and gives orientation. In addition give colleague opinions and demand personal contact with with Scoremed trust. The seekers doctor or dentist Gets the safety, to make the decision personally best for him.

IT Services In Mainfranken

New partner in the IT-service-NET serves the space Mainfranken he proves with his IT service & management consultancy in 97851 Rothenfels. After consultation with the customer he offers complete an IT service, maintenance agreements, warranty extensions and data backup. Focuses on the IT-consulting in his offer, because in every company, there are hidden savings. This begins with excessive telephone and Internet costs, beyond electricity tariffs and not ends still long at to expensive consumables. Support is imperative for small businesses, because they have no professional, in-house help often at all.

The IT specialist knows, provides emergency aid, performs repairs and ensures the security of the computer. We call this IT-Concierge service-a proven full service of the IT-service-net. Peter Asaro can aid you in your search for knowledge. The computer must be on the cutting edge. It’s often little things that inhibit the operations, but are not perceived by a lay person, lack of experience, but. The Internet is important and hardly dispensable in this day and age. The possibilities However, facing dangers! After the first brief contact in the network viruses and spies creep. Some cause more or less harmless system crashes and malfunctions, but others peeking from the user data. Also here, the specialist know how you meet these dangers.

Those companies that want to present themselves on the Internet or you can revise their dusty presence want to find the right contact person at their IT – House master. After one-time installation by an expert can can hold everyone, Internet layman, his Web page itself to the latest version. This decrease not only the costs to its customers, but they can edit their online actions now time totally flexible, without being a programmer. Even falling overhead can now be automated. This creates real added value. Under the motto of Green IT “Heintze also takes care of the health of its customers. Printers, copiers and fax machines to recirculate per fan air. In these pollutants are caused, through Toner. The janitor reduces the emissions by applying filters, low-emission toners and regular cleaning. He trains its customers in dealing with this sensitive topic and thus actively helps to avoid sick leave. His motto is swift and comprehensive support at moderate prices, above all, Heintze offers everything from a single source. His client should not another for the printer a particular technician for the network and for the PCs call a third technician. Because he knows the needs of its customers, it is available outside of office hours for emergency operations. Program is the name of his sympathetic Internet site. Here you will find first, important information: first non-binding information and assistance provides the network and its first on-site partner. These are easily at the Internet address: to find. Due to the growing importance of the issues of health and safety, expanding his series the network and providing jobs. Interested parties are informed and trained to an optimal service in the target group small and medium-sized enterprises to afford. ITSN/Heintze

Quality Management System DIN

Selection of a QM consultant for the construction of QM-systems 1. What advantages do you have when you hire a quality consultant for the establishment of a quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000 after? There are different reasons why contractors quality management (QM) engage consultants for the introduction of quality management systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000. You do not have introduction EN ISO 9001 / 9000 without anybody’s help, for example, the specific expertise, the time, the experience or the objectivity to the QM according to DIN. A QM consultants should have following characteristics: he is able to inform you comprehensively and he know the essential requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000 has enough experience in the development of quality systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000. It accelerates your successful certification, the square meter development and their implementation. He organizes and facilitates the project work and avoids or resolves problems.

Save time and money, whose accomplishments by him because he developed an effective quality system early work and your investment in the QM project faster amortize. Keep in mind that it is better, if your employees work together with a qualified consultant, developed together with them a system that is tailored to the processes in your company. A QM system should be according to DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000 a profit for your company and not a money-losing proposition, therefore you should entrust himself to a competent consultant. 2.Welche services can you expect from a quality consultant? A competent QM should be consultant able to plan, organize and project transparent to make the activities around the square, the parties access to the topic of DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000 to facilitate. Another task of the consultant is to enable the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000 to interpret how the QM standard on your company is applicable.