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Protocol SIP

SIP Session Initiation Protocol (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol is a signaling protocol used for the control of the communication sessions, such as voice and video over Internet Protocol (IP). The Protocol can be used to manage control of calls between transmitter and receiver or multi user conferences. The SIP protocol also serves to manage videoconferencing, distribution of multimedia streaming, instant messaging, presence information, and file transfer. SIP is a protocol independent transport layer, so you can run over TCP, UDP, or SCTP. SIP is text-based and incorporates elements of the known protocols HTTP and SMTP. In the SIP protocol each transaction consists of a client’s request that causes a response from the SIP server. SIP uses fields of the header, encoding rules and HTTP status codes, providing a reading based on text format. One of the objectives of SIP is to provide a protocol for establishment of call for IP-based unified communications.

Although other VoIP (voice over IP) as H.323 protocols exist, SIP protocol has not come from the telecommunications industry. SIP has been standardized and governed primarily by the IETF, while other protocols such as H.323, have traditionally been associated with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Applications that provide communications on the SIP protocol: the number of devices that use the SIP protocol continues to grow, there are adapters terminals SIP, SIP Gateways and SIP Trunk services, all of them provide functionality to replace the current telephone lines. Also items like the wifi router and the telephone switchboard also have versions that work on SIP and allow access to VoIP solutions. In addition there are SIP servers and many VoIP phone companies allow customers to use their own SIP devices, such as telephones, IP (SIP) or Softphones. There are also video surveillance cameras SIP that allows calls to alert that an event has occurred, for example, to notify you that movement has been detected outside the hours in a protected area. The SIP protocol is together with the H.323 VoIP protocols more standardized one. TS Telecon systems specialise in solutions for communications, telephony, switchboards and IP solutions.