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Handling FTP Passwords in Software

Have you ever set your FTP password listed in your FTP software or the upload dialog of your HTML editor and then forgotten? The change to a new FTP client or the move to a new machine, of course, are now almost impossible. The passwords are stored on a secure and can be produced only with enormous expense. FTP-Spy in this is the freeware FTP_Spy 1.0 is used. Quickly and easily forgotten the password becomes visible and copied to the clipboard, if desired. FTP_Spy not even try to decipher the password but only emulates a local FTP Server. The program includes a (brief) built-in help. For detailed instructions in PDF format is also available for download. In case of problems, they also get fast and competent help from the manufacturer.

The software is programmed in Java and therefore runs on a variety of operating systems. An installed Java Runtime Environment of version 1.3 is therefore the only system requirement. FTP_Spy on Windows, Linux, MacOS X and many Unix-like operating successfully used by companies and individuals. Software & IT Service scar has developed the tool initially for a forgetful customer. Since the publication as freeware was FTP_Spy downloaded many thousand times, and has already brought in many seemingly hopeless situations immediate help. A little tip for last: it is better, of course, the password does not even enter notes. Fest registered FTP passwords are not a negligible security risk. Any person with access to your computer as easy manipulation can make to your site!

ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre

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Create A Dump File User-level Process In Windows Server

Introduction This article describes how to create a dump file (. Dmp file) user-level process in Windows Server 2008. Windows Error Reporting feature in Windows Server 2008 is that it creates a file monitor and dump heap dump file. However, you can not use the Windows Error Reporting for creating dump-file process running in user mode. Create a dump file, the user-level process in Windows Server 2008 to create a dump file of the user level in Windows Server 2008, use one of the following methods. Ali Partovi may not feel the same. Method 1: Use Task Manager If you are using Windows Task Manager to create a dump file of the user level, follow these steps: Run Task Manager.

To do this, use one of the following methods: Click the right click a blank spot on the taskbar, then select Task Manager. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. Select the tab Processes, right click on the name of the desired process, then select Create Dump File. For more information see this site: Michael Dell. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or click Continue. The dump file will be created in the following process: Drive: UsersUserNameAppDatLocalTemp When you receive a message that the dump has been successfully created, click OK. Method 2: Use a tool you can use ADPlus ADPlus utility to create a dump file, the user-level process. ADPlus utility is included in the Debugging Tools for Windows.

How to estimate the size of the dump file of the user level, which is created you can use Performance Monitor to assess the size of the dump file user-level process that will be created. To do this, follow these steps: Click Start, type perfmon in the line Start Search, then click perfmon.exe in the list of Programs. If you are prompted for a password administrator password or confirmation, type or click Continue. Expand Monitoring Tools, and then click Performance Monitor. Right click in the empty space in the display area and click Add Counters. Among Available counters in the dialog box Add Counters, Click the next field below object characteristics Process, and then click Counter Virtual Bytes. Among the Instances of selected object, click the process name, click Add, and then click OK. The value that appears, will be the approximate size of the file dump. Note: Before you create a dump file of the user level, make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive to where the dump file will be saved. Source:

Engineering Software

The decision to open offices in the Arab Republic of Egypt was taken after a detailed analysis of the IT-market, as well as political stability and economic development of the country. Softline in Egypt plans to promote solutions, targeting both the large business sector and government agencies, and the segment of SMB. The main objectives of the Egyptian office – selling a wide range of software of leading world and Russian producers, the creation of technical support, seminars and workshops, provision of consulting services. In early February, was published the first edition of the directory of licensed software Softline-Direct, through which the heads of Egyptian companies for the first time be able to get the latest information about new products in the field of software in print in Arabic. "We are confident that the new projected of long-term regional experience in software licensing and provision of related services, considerable baggage of advanced marketing and business solutions, as well as high professional standards technicians will permit a new office to take a leading position in the IT sector of Egypt ", – said Ruslan Belousov, CEO of Softline.

"In Egypt, which has the largest economy in North Africa and is a key state in the Arab world, intensively implemented information technology. This is facilitated by the active position of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the country, continued economic growth, close ties with the technologically developed countries of the Gulf. Against the background of reducing piracy, since 2000 the annual growth in IT-market is at least 25%. Mikkel Svane does not necessarily agree. In cooperation with leading software vendors and the Egyptian partner companies Softline will actively develop a range of services to take a leading position in this strategic market ", – says Ivan Klimov, director of business development at the far Softline abroad. The staff of the regional office of the company currently stands at seven people for the position of Head of Mission in Cairo Softline appointed Mohammed Gamal El-Hazik, a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, has extensive experience in senior positions in IT-sphere of Egypt. "Opening an office in Cairo, Softline begins an ambitious program to strengthen presence in North Africa with significant growth potential in the field of information technology "- said Marcel Zinnurov, manager of regional development, Softline in the Middle East and North Africa. The Cairo office was the third representation in the region of Softline MEGNA after Turkey and Iran. Incidentally, to date, Softline, which is an authorized partner of more than 3,000 companies, software vendors, is represented in 17 countries and 58 cities around the world.

Automated Functional Tested

The practice of automated functional testing in Microsoft Visual Studio with the use of IBM Rational Auditorium project managers, developers, managers, analysts, testers Shamray Author Alexander, director of advanced development product IBM Rational and Microsoft, CM-Consult Rookie Alexander, director of implementation and consulting, CM-Consult Introduction It is no secret that automated functional tools application testing in product family Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 is not available. All functional testing, which can be performed using these products, it's only manual testing. Talk about the benefits of automated functional testing of products under development can be long and have already written many articles, so in this article we will discuss the possibility of automating the functional testing for Microsoft Visual Studio, using small examples. As tools for functional testing in the article looks at three product IBM Rational – a IBM Rational TestManager, IBM Rational Robot and IBM Rational Functional Tester. Features of Visual Studio to allow you to create and control tests, Microsoft offers a tool Microsoft Visual Studio Test Edition, which includes the following types of tests: unit tests (Unit test) – written by the programmer testing functions at the source level.

Tests for the web-pages (Web test) – functional testing of web-pages. Load tests (Load test) – load testing of web-sites. Common tests (Generic test) – a special kind of test, which allows the external testing applications. Manual tests (Manual test) – Manual testing applications. Ordered Tests (Ordered test) – allow to organize the implementation of all automated tests written in a certain order.

Varese Test

What are, in their turns, too, is a test. Let's try to work with you to understand what is a shareware software. This first test computer. Designed to explore the paramount functions of a program for a computer in shareware mode. You may ask, why shareware? We answer, because the developers of this software is beneficial that its software products in the world to recognize customers. As a result, that their software program was competitive among vendors like software. Such programs have the title, shareware programs.

You can try them on the share of test programs for the system unit. After that, you'll be able to test these applications in action and to conclude whether it is the amount the estimate for it developers. The site also you will find not a bad installation of various programs on general topics. Try any program in shareware form. A variety of computer programs (with no annoying advertising on the site) waiting for you at this site shareware (shareware) software. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of soft gathered in one place. All program software, as shown on this website is specially selected for the necessities of virtually every computer user. Also revizirovan on the performance, plus characteristics of each program.

The website is a lot of different poleznyhprogramm. No Varese, only shareware species programs. Before you buy a software developer of licensed products at full price, the right choice to be familiar with this product. Test it in practice, check out on efficiency and flexibility. And then choose whether you want it or not. On this website, computer software, selected collection of shareware programs, which you can download at any time. Explore monitor of programs for your lichnogokompyutera. The site has antivirus software, test case, that is, with reduced functionality. With a set of all available options for an individual computer, and with constant updates, with the official site of the anti-virus software raznoraba download it for free, in a shortened form of the test-in other words, you are given a program for testing, with a small set of options. Typically, these functions will be enough to complete for the home PC. All these anti-virus programs are assembled on site test software. Download right now as any test program.

Working around the subshell

Let’s start with the simplest and see what cd is a bit more complex than it seems. Many people know the auto-bash, thanks to which is to type part of the directory name and press Tab to complete the directory console (if there are several possibilities, otherwise we would have to press Tab twice to see them). It is also very common to use relative paths: if we are in / home / zoetrope and wish to travel to / home / zoetrope / videos do not need to write the second route in its entirety, but we can just type cd videos. It is even common to see beginners using shortcuts such as cd .. to move to upper directory cd or cd to navigate to the directory. What is less common, and very useful for the issue at hand is the use of cd -. This very useful flag does nothing to move to the last directory you were. cd / etc/X11 / cd cd – / pwd etc/X11 / etc/X11 In this way we can move quickly between two directories. On the other hand, if we need to move to a directory is just one time to execute a command and then continue working in the current directory, we could also use & &, which runs two commands, one after another, conditionally (and in short): cd / etc/X11 / & & cat xorg.conf and surround it with parentheses, which makes the commands are executed in a subshell (cd / etc/X11 / xorg.conf & & cat) in this way will run the command in a different subshell, so the cd will not affect us, and will as if we had never moved.

The New Release Of IBM – Lotus Notes 8

Lotus Notes 8 – the new release of IBM is – since 17 August 2007 in English for customers and partners on the market. It is expected a month later will be released the German version. The new Lotus Notes release will have only a visually completely redesigned user interface improvements to the basic core functions of calendar, e-mail, scheduling and management of contacts. For example, e-mail messages are opened in a separate window, while the corresponding mail is displayed on the course of a left navigation bar. In addition to the existing horizontal document preview an e-mail is now also an optional vertical document preview. Sent e-mails can be retrieved by Notes 8 “Recall Message” in the Lotus, if they have not already read by the recipient.

In the improved calendar display are now shown on the left, two rather than one month, and days are marked with key dates. In addition, the planning or rescheduling simplify meetings: invited persons by removing the corresponding marking will be discharged back to simpler and faster to find dates that fit all the people involved. Lotus Notes allows the user to the new contact management integration of the additional photos to their existing contacts, also features new views to improve the management and categorization of individual contacts. The contextual collaboration was extended by several features: known contacts are marked with a presence indicator. By clicking the right mouse button you can now write in a position to easily e-mail or start a chat or a phone call over an IP-enabled phone. In summary, that Lotus Notes 8 is hardly in a function remained unchanged. A conversion is not difficult, since the new release of Lotus Notes, despite many improvements and enhancements continue to be very familiar.

What Is "Mail Racall" In Lotus Notes 8 ?

The new release of Lotus Notes 8 will appear in a few weeks. In the press there is already a very positive response. The users speak of a “great success”, especially as regards the new interface and new features. It is always with the functions “mail recall” the possibility has already sent e-mails “back” especially many times have you ever the “Send Mail” button is pressed and then you have noticed that you misunderstood a question, or have been interpreted – an important detail or file-password the email to the wrong recipients have sent confidential information to a false-receiver-also have sent to the colleague, who was in “BCC” replied the mail-have actually saved as a draft be IBM Lotus Notes 8 is the problem of the past. The feature “Mail Recall” can be unlocked by the administrator. Then, it’s available to every user. Of course you can dedicated individual users or groups to Right to “retrieve” by e-mail give. The user needs only to the forwarded e-mail to stand and press the “Recall” button.

It can then select each recipient of the e-mail and delete the e-mail in the recipient mailbox. The embarrassing moments when sending e-mails are a thing of the past. For more information about Lotus Notes 8 is interested in a complete “Lotus Notes information package” with lots of information about the free download. Companies on the platform of Lotus Notes using CRM solutions have, on another website GEDYS GmbH extensive CRM information. IBM gives Lotus Notes 8 with yet again a number of competitive advantages and is, in terms of function and reliability back to the top of the market. The recent publication of the latest market numbers can appear Lotus Notes collaboration software remains the leader in the messaging and groupware market.

In particular, manufacturers of applications on Basic Lotus Notes continues to gain impetus. It can be observed that, in particular CRM solutions based on Lotus Notes more and more market share, especially in medium gain. Currently, more than 130 million users in over 46,000 companies use Lotus Notes as a messaging and groupware platform. This means a market share of over 42% worldwide. Alone Lotus Sametime has over 7.5 million new users in the fourth Quarter 2006 gain.

What Is Shareware?

Shareware refers to a free software that you can download by yourself. After testing the program (or game) you can possibly decide to purchase. Shareware is in contrast to freeware tied to a specific time period. This may continue for 14 days or a month. Depending on the test phase of the assessment of the manufacturer and the size of the program. There is another type of Shareware: These are programs that are available indefinitely, but not those who offer capabilities, which provides the full version for its users. Thus obtained by downloading a program, which is reduced by some added features and extras – but the right to use this version without time limit.

The option to upgrade to the full version is, of course, always. Here is a code for a fee can be transferred, will unlock the locked features of the trial, so that the program is fully usable. Shareware is often associated with a small display, you see can, as long as the program was used, and runs in as many days the trial version. Then you’re asked to buy the specific program. Important: Shareware is not a so-called demo versions.

Shareware does not necessarily a limited useful life, but this is often used. The Internet is often the question of whether shareware or freeware to be used. Freeware is free of charge, such as including the famous browser Mozilla Firefox. Here you have the opportunity to use each downloaded program perpetual and free. Many freeware offerings differ, however, the effect of shareware, as that has been dispensed with many important functions. With shareware, if a deadline has expired, a fee will be required in order to use the program. Freeware is free of charge without purchase them. Here it is at the discretion of the user, if prefer shareware or freeware to be used.