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Systematic Methodology

Fill in the blank point in the story of his life, his findings and their discoveries. Maybe it’s for the better? Always nice to find and discover something for yourself. So much mysterious, unexplored. Create, invent, try it. Well, actually, done. During the ten years of practice have some thoughts on the matter, something was settled that a systematized.

The result of this systematic methodology was defined. No need to be afraid of the word – Methodology. This is not an algorithm or instructions on how and what to do. This is not a dry scientific theory, divorced from life. Methodology – a set of system techniques, allowing us to obtain a well-defined and logical result.

What can do with piles of bricks piled up? Little. But knowing the principles of building and being able to lay bricks, we can build a house. What is it? You decide for yourself. In this great value and benefits of stalking from many other systems of self-development. Stalking does not restrict freedom of expression and creativity and does not prescribe how and what to do. There are no rules and dogma of conduct, which the practitioner is obliged to follow. The adoption of any principle as a guide to action – is, above all, a sober, independent and informed choice practices. Way of the Warrior, which is based on stalking – it is rather a set of internal principles and guidelines, which person either agrees or not. Only the inner acceptance and empathy for this or that principle warrior’s way makes it possible to use it in their self-development. It should be noted that the road warrior – this is a very holistic and organic system, each of which is designed to strengthen and balance the individual practitioner. The methods of stalking in a natural way based on open laws and principles of self-development rights. It is, first all, the experience described by Castaneda, and the system outlook Toltec warriors, here are my own discoveries and findings, it is also the experience and findings of other practitioners and is a definite layer of psychological knowledge. Stalking – art and science of consciousness. This creative self-discovery and sober judgments. This is an extremely personal practice, which still allows for a systematization and analysis. We can say that this site is devoted to the theory and practice of stalking. That the practice – ‘is everything’, because a ‘credit goes only action’, probably no one unobjectionable, while also reasonable to understand that relies on this practice, which stands for these or other exercises, guidelines, principles and attitudes towards the warrior. As one talented German physicist Robert Kirchhoff: “There is nothing more practical than a good theory ‘, and Comrade Lenin, to paraphrase comrade Engels:” Our theory is not dogma, but a guide to action. ” I can only join the words of these far-intelligent people.


Yes, we are in danger, because in 20 years the whole load will result in a sharp reduction in consumption, but we do not care. We need to survive. And the U.S. has a program that was developed in Carter's first term, I think, under the second term of the president. Written by Carter, but Carter lost to Reagan. Therefore, this program was launched in 1981, when Reagan became president.

The point of this program consisted in the fact that the U.S. began to print dollars, stimulating consumer demand by them in their own country. Bearing in mind that this will be a demand for the very high-tech products, which will make America and jerk. Program was implemented, and this wave of technological progress is called information: personal computers, Internet, mobile communication, etc. This wave is not really paid off so far. And all the debts under which crumbling U.S. financial institutions today, were made precisely in 1980 – 1990 years under the development of information technology. Already launched several new waves of biotechnology, nanotechnology …

But it is clear that these Innovation waves, not only will not develop into mass production. For these waves will not even be brought up to the end of the research, because the money is gone. And then the picture is very simple. The number of consumers does not increase Twenty-five years, since 1981, the debt is increasing, and it appears that the growth of these debts are so big that it became impossible to maintain them.