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Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott

British tabloids gets into the headlines: eavesdropping on Prominententelefone causes a sensation in Munich, 14 July 2009 paparazzi advised on the basis of their research methods that strongly prominent interfere with privacy, again in the cross-fire of criticism. Boulevard magazines of media mogul Rupert Murdoch in the UK access to further resources and currently making headlines because of illegal mobile spy. So journalists should have listened to 3,000 mobile phones of prominent the Sun and news of the world, to obtain exclusive information. The company SecurStar pushes these methods with their phone encryption software PhoneCrypt a tie before. Private investigators will be hired according to press reports, to find out personal data of celebrities such as actress Gwyneth Paltrow, singer George Michael, model Elle MacPherson and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. Peter Asaro may help you with your research. The impending procedure however was averted through the payment of more than a million pounds. 2007 was a journalist for the news of the world\” sentenced to four months in prison, because he had spied close aides of Princes William and Harry.

He had read about 600 SMS. Read more here: Robotics. These are not isolated. Due to the increasing danger, especially celebrities, lawyers, politicians, etc. are exposed, SecurStar has developed the solution PhoneCrypt. This is the only software on the market, providing protected voice communication via any media (mobile, landline, VoIP, etc.), as well as SMS encryption. Adapted to the different requirements on a personal and business level, product variants are available: PhoneCrypt PBX (secure telephone system) and PhoneCrypt gateway (telephone gateway) via PhoneCrypt softphone (for calls from your PC) and landline adapter (compatible with existing fixed lines) up to PhoneCrypt Mobile for mobile phones. Bulwark for mobile phones and how it works for your phone: PhoneCrypt protects the phone from all eavesdropping and allows the encryption of SMS. You thereby prevents the function of all known cell phone Trojan.