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To the extent that people are identifying with the importance of representing the stress in our lives, our behavior, relationships and their effects that it generated about our emotions, feelings, behavior, personality, and especially the physical and psychological, we will take all necessary precautions to avoid this trap us and harms us. In this opportunity so we confine information on its scope, impact and benefits of knowing handle, so that the reader is in a little bit more about what stress represents. Of course, our interest lies in management, the worker going to take the necessary precautions to avoid within organizations to emerge and lead to negative results. Take into account scope as Wikipedia indicates that t he called stressors or stressors or stressors are situations any stimulus, external or internal (physical, chemical, auditory or somatic and socio-cultural) that directly or indirectly conducive to destabilize the dynamic equilibrium of the body (homeostasis).

An important part of the effort that has been developed for the study and understanding of stress has focused on identifying and classifying different triggers of this process. The review of the main types of stressors that have been used to study stress provides us with a preliminary study of the conditions of stress triggers and shows the existence of eight major categories of stressors: situations that force environmental stimuli to process information quickly threat perceptions harmful alteration of physiological functions (illness, addiction, etc.) isolation and confinement block in our interest group pressure frustration, of course, very broad is the scope of you in different areas according to where one is located for analysis In this case, we want the workforce, organizations, notably relationships interpersonal about it can be noted that when relationships are poor and there is little confidence, communication occurs often enough that cause psychological stress and feelings of job dissatisfaction.