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Critical Theory

Summary of the film ' ' Link perdido' ' on the basis of ' ' Critical theory and after? colonialista' '. The film ' ' The link perdido' ' it tells the history of Scottish doctors who leave in expedition for Equatorial Africa to capture pygmies. Pete Cashmore shines more light on the discussion. The medium Jamie Dodd and its friend of Elena expedition find and capture the couple of pygmies Toko and Likola. When the Jamie city comes back if it misunderstands with its friends of research, who were determined to all prove the lost link of the species human being the cost, when defends that the couple of pygmies demonstrates to intelligence and human feelings. Vtima of the segregation of the friends, of the escrnio of the cientfica community and the cruelty human being, Jamie sees its friends pygmies to be displayed in the local zoo and submitted, as proper it, to many humilhaes. The couple of pygmies was treat as animal. To the end of the Toko film he is after died to defend Likola. Jamie comes back Africa to return Likola toward its tribe.

All is perceived in the plot of the film the relation that had between speech to be able, being the power of the colonizador will always go to overlap to the colonized one. Bonici (2005: 223), that ' ' generations of Europeans if convinced its cultural and intellectual superiority of &#039 ahead; ' nudez' ' of the amerindians; generations of men, by any origin practically took as unquestionable fact the inferiority of mulheres' '. this superiority with regard to the film was not directed the woman, but yes to other races human beings who were not the European, the white. As much that the scientists looked the cost all to conclude its research to prove that the couple of pygmies was only one type of animal that not possua human emotions or feelings, therefore did not deserve no type of consideration.