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Coffee Maker

In the market for innovative products one of the greatest advances for processing and treatment of coffee are coffee machines; These are a good choice for optimal and quick preparation of coffee currently. The coffee machine is an appliance developed by Francois Antoine Descroisilles in year 1803 where he decided to join two containers which were interconnected by a Tin with holes, making the times of strainer. In 1806 the agronomist Antoine Cadet De Vaux innovo this process and begins to develop the coffee maker of porcelain in order to condense more heat; that same year he decided to patent it and pull it out to the regional market. In 1873 after numerous attempts, in the United States appears with great success the first coffee maker patented at national level, but had the problem not BREW well mixed. People such as Mikkel Svane would likely agree. The solution to this problem came in 1907 where the German housewife Melitta Benz, revolutionized the world of coffee put in the midst of two container a porous cloth that colaba mix perfectly. Since this advance industries have begun with the development of coffee machines by making them more efficient and technological.

Currently in this market we find up to 300 different coffee types, but if all of these can have only four types of process; These are: coffee of piston: this is responsible for the preparation of coffee to keep all their essential oils, since it is a grind large grain. The piston presses with great strength and slow to achieve the extraction of oils; grabbing the most soft and delicious coffee. This preparation is usually slow and will practice on a continual basis in countries like France and Italy. Coffee filter: this coffee maker specializes in brewing coffee in large quantity, it circulates hot water through a filter containing the ground coffee; located under this whole process a jar which is where the mixture is deposited when this list. This type of coffee is very common in offices and homes. Percolator coffee: this coffee maker has a very simple process that consists of the union of two parts, one empty and one with water with a filter where is coffee; This method of brewing coffee is very simple and fast; the taste of coffee with this preparation is usually very normal. Espresso: coffee Express is currently the most widely used, since the preservation of the properties of the coffee makes it an excellent tool for the preparation of the same, besides quick preparation is another of his specialties. Currently this evolution has led her to such an extent market Express of mechanical, hydraulic and manual are found in coffee. In conclusion the use of the coffee machine is an excellent choice when it comes to wanting to be in a short time a delicious coffee; so now there is no excuse for not eating a creamy coffee on a daily basis.


In a world so hectic and so full of needs we find systems that can help us in the development of our daily activities. Backpacks are presented as an excellent option for people who must be loaded with objects all day. Backpacks are a system of baggage that takes in the back, by means of a clamping system which can vary from eight straps to one; backpacks today are the charging system, both objects and documents most widely used, since it offers like advantage ease of carrying them to the back, without making a great physical effort. The history of modern backpacks have their beginnings in Babylon and Egypt, where agriculture was its great founder because the harvesting of grains and fruits were made into a kind of backpack, which consisted of several amarraderas that had secured them to the body, in order to facilitate and improve the collection of products. It’s good to highlight that these backpacks in their beginnings were somewhat uncomfortable, since its preparation on the basis of mud and dried plants could be heavy and somewhat tortuous in the work in field. Currently the backpacks are built in a myriad of materials, in order to make more adaptable these to the body and even more to the daily work.

The great diversity of backpacks has led to such an extent that the divisions that have had these make them the mother of other articles. Some of them like: luggage Backpacks: backpacks developed in order to accommodate a large number of personal objects are. The big difference that has this with conventional backpack, is that these were added to radachines in order to facilitate its transport. Backpacks for school: these are backpacks designed especially to study, since they present a large number of pockets where you can save a large amount of useful. Backpacks porta babies: are those that are designed to carry a baby inside, although it must be clarified that these backpacks consist of a single very airy Chamber so that the baby has no problems breathing. Artisan Backpacks: these backpacks are typically drawn up by people from communities indigenous people or by people who develop this type of practice; they are made with natural elements and tissue that usually represent the region where were built.

Labour Backpacks: are made to have a large load capacity, thanks to their large sizes, a clear example of these are used in courier companies. The big difference that preserved these backpacks with the conventional is that its manufacturing material is especially resistant, without comment on the size of them. According to the above is demonstrated that backpacks are an excellent choice for any type of load, besides the ease they offer for daily tasks make it a very useful tool in the everyday life of a person.