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Fence Material

Any house, cottage in the village in need of the fence. The fence will provide insulation from the site of penetration of domestic animals and ptitsy.Cnachala decide what fence you need. Overlooking the street – exterior part of the fence must meet high architectural standards. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. The height of the facade varies ot1, 2 to 1.8 meters, fences between adjacent regions may have a height of 1m. Capital fence constructed of durable materials and height of 1.5 meters prevyshet. Well, these fences will not stay long, because in suburban areas often use fences. They are easier to build and they are elegant in appearance.

Any fence consists of spans (the runs), supporting pillars, and the inlet (gate or gate). Sometimes it runs and supporting columns are made of a construction material, in other cases have resorted to a combination of the combined materials. Usually spans combined fences made of wood or iron, and supporting pillars of stone, concrete or brick. strength of the fence can be increased if easy to set up on base spans from stone or brick. The choice of material. For garden fencing using solid trees (deciduous) and soft (Softwood) species in the form of boards and timbers logs.

The best material for a wooden fence – larch, cedar or pine. Usually, wooden materials and pre-rasp pare down, but you can use unprocessed logs and planks to the construction of the "wild" fence. In any case, the wood must be sound, dense, healthy, with no rot and cracking. It is important to take into account any wooden structure, designed to open air, before the installation process is necessary protective structures, most of which differs with different degrees of toxicity. Moisture resistance of wood can be increased by covering it with bitumen. Wood can be done the following types of fences: 1. Stockade – fence of stakes driven into close to each other directly in the ground.

Fire Boards

But when you install to watch that would not touch the ground board. Otherwise, it will quickly begin rot. Whiteboards carefully planed and sanded, then that would not have problems with splinters or hooks for clothing, and then used to stain wood to make the kind of product. Since this rest area, which is often exploited in the summer, often to the back can lean bare back. If the upholstery is left between the boards a small gap. It will provide a ventilated interiors and allow the boards a little 'play' in the event of getting wet. If nailed boards vsploshnuyu, when wet they are deformed.

Finishing nail board (vagonochnymi) nails, nail-head utaplivaya as deeply as possible. Here is the almost finished pergola. When painting back to particularly careful to handle the upper end of its boards, that they would not absorbing rainwater. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. Around the pergola will land, planted vines or climbing plants, lawn grass is sown. What would have been creeping plants for that cling to the 'box' pergola I pulled the Large-mesh – samovyaz related as well as the Web. Douglas R. Oberhelman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. After that you can do and other decorations. For example, Chinese hang melodic tube. Wind playing on them sometimes produces these musical masterpieces.

But the main reliance placed the weathervane. I must say that the neighborhood birds, I believe, firmly believe, that this building is nothing like them to roost in the morning and enjoy a true concerts, sitting on the pergola. And because the birds tend to allocate … eksrimenty then pugalki as weathervanes and music were by no means superfluous. Problems with the birds significantly diminished … I must say that the pergola with a fireplace on the shore Basin has become the most visited place in the country. All evenings are held here. So nice to sip a cool beer in the hot hearth, looking at the fire


Today drywall – an essential material for interior decoration both residential and nonresidential use. Produced erection of internal partitions in the apartment or office – you need drywall. Running lining Interior walls – drywall needs. Even for the installation of the ceiling also need drywall. With drywall, you can create a perfectly flat, regularly shaped surface, and bent under the main style interior. Drywall can work without the use of different cement concrete solutions or plasters, and the drywall has a high performance – a well-sawn, processed, it can screw any screws or screw and hang a picture or a bracket for your TV. Drywall with characteristics similar to the tree.

However, in comparison with wood fire-resistant gypsum board and support combustion, so it is used in the facing of wooden structures. Drywall is eco-friendly, it does not emit any harmful substances, such as some plastic panels. Drywall, like wood, has a low thermal conductivity, so in this room is set constant microclimate. Materials and technologies with gypsum board, provides complete freedom to your imagination as the regeneration of new premises, and repair. Lightweight construction of the drywall does not create extra load on the foundation of the building I want to remind With drywall, you can create a perfectly flat, regularly shaped surface and a curved, under the basic style of the interior. Drywall can work without the use of different cement concrete solutions or plasters, and the drywall has a high performance – a well-sawn, processed, it can screw any screws or screw and hang a picture or a bracket for your TV. Sheathing drywall 1.

Fastening sheet of drywall, gipsovolokno to profiles to meet along the bearing profiles. 2. On the end of the sheet edges of drywall, gipsovolokno not pasted cardboard, with marginal planing, pre-chamfered at an angle (22,50 at a depth of 2 / 3 of the leaf). 3. Sheets of drywall gipsovolokno attached to the frame with screws in increments of 150 mm at a distance of not less than 10 mm from the edge of the sheet covered with cardboard and not less than 15 mm from the cut. 4. For attaching drywall sheets to the framework used self-tapping screw TN, and for tapping screw sheets gipsovolokno MN. 5. Fixing screws must be included in a sheet of drywall, gipsovolokno at right angles and penetrate into the metal frame to a depth of not less than 10 mm in a wooden timber at least 20 mm. Head screws must be recessed in a sheet of drywall, gipsovolokno to a depth of about 1 mm for subsequent puttying. 6. Cardboard sites in tightening the screws drywall sheet should not be disheveled. 7. Deformed or incorrectly placed screws must be removed, replaced with new ones that should be placed at a distance of not less than 50 mm from the previous site of attachment for drywall, gipsovolokno

Supervision Walls

We provide quality work at: repairs of apartments, offices, houses, cottages, shops, repair of non-residential premises. Also finishing works: plaster, paint, plaster, facade, tile, Parquet, ceilings, wiring, plumbing and heating work. In Kyiv and Kyiv region. Here you can order a comprehensive repair and some types of work. Procedure for Supervision of works progress of work and control over their quality, you can take on.

Of course, coordinating the work – a difficult task for an amateur, so we advise beginners to guard against failures, failures that result in downtime and disorder at the site, and a list of all planned activities and their sequence of execution. A guide for you and can serve as an illustrative list compiled by our priorities for repairs and finishing of premises: 1. Cleaning the premises, including the demolition of a number of structural elements. At this stage of the work endure furniture, break walls, and those design elements that are left without support, prop up stand, strengthen, and tolerate debris. 2. Treatment (prophylactic or regular) surfaces of the walls, ceiling, floor compositions for preventing dampness, rot, insect pests. 3.

Laying of new pipes (gas, water supply, sewerage, heating) and electrical wiring. 4. Construction of new decorative walls, interior walls, the base for new flooring. 5. Preliminary adjustment of Communication (installation of boilers, installation water supply, power distribution boards). 6. Initial carpentry: Crate and trim windows and doors, installation of beams, etc. 7. Plastering. 8. The final adjustment of communications, including the installation of sinks, tubs, radiators, etc. 9. Final stage of joinery: door hanging, nailing architraves, ceiling cornices. 10. Installation of built-in furniture (cupboards in the hallway or the bedroom) and equipment (built-in appliances). 11. Finish walls and ceilings (hanging, embossed ceilings, final painting, wrapping paper or paneling). 12. Finish flooring (color, flooring rolled flooring or parquet laying and finishing). 13. Furnishings. Design interior of apartments, houses, commercial property development project power, alterations, repairs and decoration of apartments, houses, offices, shops in Kyiv region and in cities which have representatives Author's supervision over the progress of repairs in the apartment, home or office.

Roofing Installation Of Metal

Each of us wants to have a roof over your head. Its functional aspect is not even subject to debate: a roof to protect from moisture, and other external influences, and also serves as a decoration of the building. Well and quality produced by assembling the roof, no doubt, will give you a feeling of comfort, safety and aesthetic pleasure. Installation of the roof is not easy and is done in several stages. To date range roofing materials is quite broad and diverse, willing to please even the most demanding taste. But very often they prefer metal. On such a choice influenced by several factors: relatively low cost materials and ease of installation, which is worth discussing in more detail. Immediately prior to installing the roof needs to know its size.

Particular attention should be paid to the slope of the roof – it will depend on laying technology. If the slope is less than 14 degrees, the metal is placed in two waves overlap. The next step is hydro-and steam insulation and attic. This is done to the inside of the not of metal condensation. Hydro-and steam insulation is made by placing a special film and insulating material.

Next by lathing. To do this, bought wedges (crates) thickness of 2.5 cm x5, which nailed boards (kontrobreshetki) at the appropriate wavelength of metal. In order to protect the bottom bracket weatherproof sheathing is nailed curtain rail. Crate which carries the curtain rail is usually thicker than other by 10-15 mm. After installation, you must install the cornice valley and begin laying metal. Steel plates fixed with screws with a frequency of 8.6 pieces on one square meter. Of course, that completely cover the process of assembling the roof, to learn the subtleties of the skill of a descent is impossible. And if you're interested in installation of metal roofing, it is better entrust it to professionals. Ltd. "Profile" – roof and facade of the manufacturer

Choice Arbor

Gazebo or pergola can be located at a small pond in the distance, thus a key to buildings. Gradually, the name "gazebo" began to be used less often, and now the distinction between structures and gazebos Bellevue dera almost obliterated: it became inherent in the buildings common elements in different combinations. Gazebos characterizes all openness, often – the presence of decorative gratings, and some can be found belvedere foundation, solid walls and other signs of the arbor. Very popular traditional furniture, but every weight ter seeks to amend the draft something new. Thus are born ginalnye oriented solutions that not only the furniture, but the whole area becomes unique features, talking about the identity of the creator, his tastes, inclinations and character. One can endlessly surprising ingenuity and talents of artisans and craftsmen are able to, for example, in the usual excited to see the possibility for the original decision. Of course, easier to order a project, request the execution of pro sionals and get high-quality construction.

In this case, you can count on excellent results, but after implementa schat their own ideas – especially fascinating problem, and will cost an arbor in a much smaller amount. Before you hit the ground running, you should analyze your preferences, to get acquainted with the latest journals on a given topic nuyu, to consider several issues related to the choice of const struction gazebo. From the outset you need to decide: what is talking ka? Perhaps it will rest a bunch of friends, sipping tea, listening to the guitar and chatting quietly, or it should be a place where want to retire in shade and cool, calm look through the book. Maybe a gazebo is a favorite for children who, along with elderly relatives will be able to spend all day outdoors. It is not excluded that it will serve only temporary shelter from the rain.