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Electrical Engineer

It is Sir Ambrose Flemig in 1.904, applying to the effect Edison who produces the first vacuum tube, also call Diode so that it only has two elements, later in 1.906, Lee Forest, discovers the electronic amplification adding a new element to the diode, which could control a great current using a small one, this new element was called Triode of emptiness. The machine that merits more attention in this generation is the ENIAC, constructed by the Physicist Jhon Mauchly and the Electrical Engineer J. Presper Eckert, who was finished making at the end of 1,945 in the School of Electrical Engineering of Pensilvania. ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) was 5,000 times faster than their competitor but next, Harvard Mark I, counted on all the elements of a modern computer; Memory, CPU and Input/output, the greater difference with the present computers is that it used decimal numbers in his internal operations. 1.2 THE DIGITAL COMPUTER: VON NEUMANN John Von Neumann was the one who introduced the binary arithmetic in the construction of computers and in the 1.950 complete EDIAC. After the work with the ENIAC, Mauchly and Eckert made, in 1.949 BINAC (Ordenador Binario Automtico), later developed the UNIVAC I, that attracted the public attention powerfully since it predicted the presidential victory of Eisenhower in 1.952.

also in 1.951 J.W Forrester discovered the memory of magnetic bulls. Also in 1.951 Forrester constructed to a called computer eddy, designed to control the aerial traffic and the air defense, had the capacity to reach great speed and discharge storage capacity, which was realised in drums and magnetic tapes, these present magnetic drums are similar to them disc, but in cylindrical form. 1,3 CARACTERISITICAS OF THE FIRST GENERATION: Use of emptiness valves? mass storage of data in drums and magnetic tapes 2 SECOND GENERATION OF COMPUTERS (1,959 to 1.964) 2.1 The TRANSISTOR In 1.947 by the Physicists Walter Brattain, William Shckley and John Bardeen, of Bell labs the discovery of the transistor (Contraction of the terms Resistor Transfer).

Your Plans

It is not Good Chatear Idea With Strangers. – Nothing of chatear Avoids this please or worse still with Web cam in sites where they connect to you with strangers is dangerous and can end up using your image to promote your ” servicios” taken care of. Pete Cashmore is open to suggestions. You never say Your Plans. – Their friendly still risk very many itself are their contacts, we suppose that I only have to my friendly of contacts in facebook but one of them who do not know the dangers accepted to whichever person he has asked it if posteo I in my wall something like ” ahortia I come I go to the teller (ATM) ” and it puts ” to me; you cuidas” already with that all friendly they saw my publication and its commentary if aside from that I put my photo, my direction and the photo in which I am with all friendly before my house is practically suicide. Ali Partovi understood the implications. You are not Paranoiac. – Now what much people do is to change the name for her profile, to put its photo with a cap and where almost the face is not seen him, not to want to answer nor like this or of which country is, it thinks that it tracks google it and it follows all movements and that hotmail review their post office; please, a thing is to be cautious and another paranoiac their country can put their name for example Luis G., their interests do not only disclose information that would not say to him to a stranger in person as their number of cellular of fixed telephone, of credit obvious, their direction and its plans, only utilizen their common sense and will be out of danger..

Elegant Blackberry Bold

The Blackberry devices are ideal for people of businesses. A great screen to color and a complete qwerty keyboard come with. 3G is an intelligent telephone. The screen of this moving body is so ample that the experience is accentuated to see the images. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi. Blackberry that was sent for the first time in the market of Canada is a symbol in the wireless communication.

It has an endless number of specifications and unique characteristics. It has an enormous amount of icons in the organizing menu. One is the own operating system of Blackberry that helps to a easy navigation for the user. Some of the options on which it counts this moving body, are that it includes a loudspeaker for free hands, document viewfinder, positioning system GPS, address book, calendar, clock with alarm and list of tasks. The loudspeaker for free hands is very useful for which they cannot make or then receive a call with the telephone in the hand. The navigator GPS is ideal for whom they wish to enjoy an adventure or excursion. System GPS allows to know geographic the location exact from the place to which we wished to go. It has a screen of 65,000 colors (480*320 pixels) that shines like crystal.