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Real Consulting Software

Internet Control Server – license application, a wide range of critical challenges that confront the company system administrator to ensure the security of its internal network. About "A Real Consulting "LLC" A Real Consulting "works in the information technology market since 2003. The company provides a full range of IT services: system integration, web sites and portals, software and Automation Systems business, a ready supply and maintenance of software, creating solutions based on open source software. The main direction of "A-Real Consulting" is the development, implementation and Services Internet Gateway – Internet Control Server. Internet Control Server (ICS) replaces the Internet gateway with light traffic, the proxy server, mail server, firewall, access control system, VPN, file server, instant messaging, domain controller … just over 90 functions that are configured according to user needs. Internet Control Server – license application, a wide range of critical tasks set before the system administrator company to secure its internal network.

The main advantage of the product – an intuitive application interface that can work with a person with no qualifications. ICS is a feature-rich solution based on open source applications, each of which is one of the best for solving a problem. Given that all applications share a common configuration environment and a unified software layer, the system operates reliably and predictably, enabling it to provide the best performance. Note that the execution of a set of tasks among application can simplify the system administrator, as using minimum resources, maximum benefit is achieved and monitored network in order to provide maximum information for analysis work.