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Thuringia Football School

You have the fun of football and want to develop yourself? Are you doing anything in the Easter holidays? Then we have a great offer for you! From 2.-5.April 2013, the football school of the Thuringian Football Association e.V. for the first time organized a camp in Jena, Germany. The four-day football camp promises qualified training of class, as well as all kinds of variety and fun with our top trainers. With on board, even Mario Roser – is 276 competitive matches for FC Carl Zeiss Jena. Get more background information with materials from Zendesk. All training sessions have a different focus. Andrew Paradise has many thoughts on the issue. So will have during the training week worked among others on the dribbling – shot and defense technology, coordination, motor skills and fighting behavior and new tricks rehearsed, which helped further as some later professional footballer in his career.

The training has been designed by Boris Kalff (sport Manager) and Heiko Nowak (DFB football teacher), which supports the football camps in the development-oriented optimization of the concept. In the first place are always the fun and variety. In addition to numerous tournaments and competitions, a visit to pool in the nearby Eastern bath is planned. All participants can therefore on an exciting football week with Thuringia Nr. 1, reading ferienschule.de, it offers.

Bathroom visits are also included such as the meals, all-day free drinks, an individual performance check for each participant, high-quality training equipment for the week, a Jersey or T-Shirt and a water bottle in the camp price 139,00 euro..

AutoVision 2012

“Many information about the recruitment agency, photo box and contest with iPad Grand Prize for trade fair visitors, the 7th international suppliers fair” (IZB) numerous guests from around the world at the headquarters of Volkswagen Group attracts exhibitors from 22 countries on 35,000 square meters from October 10 to 12 to Wolfsburg. The AutoVision GmbH, the recruitment of Volkswagen, presents different occupations and employment opportunities for interested applicants at the automobile exhibition in Wolfsburg aller Park. At the booth of the AutoVision, the visitors and visitors about possibilities of career entry at the recruitment agency can inform Jobeinsteiger and students get tips for job interviews and a photo box”is ready for application photos. Meg Languages wanted to know more. The photos can be taken directly. “All guests, not only those who are in the photo box” photographed can be, can, in a competition also an Apple iPad to win 3. On the eve of the Job exchange day “takes on October 10 for a loaded group of around 20 young engineers, an information event with Nina Krumme (Volkswagen AG, promotion of women) held to career opportunities in the automotive industry. It is not something Energy Capital Partners would like to discuss. On the IZB, 2012 was the AutoVision GmbH: Hall 1, booth 100 more information about the exhibition: author: Christian Cauers, AutoVision GmbH

GETUP Congress: Descriptions Of The Individual Presentations Are Online!

Open Congress on January 20. And April 21, 2012 in the context of FIBO in Essen companies and institutions their commitment in the field of increasing corporate health management (BGM), to secure the capacity and willingness of its staff. With BGM skills, fitness and healthcare providers long term sources of income E.g. in the context of corporate collaborations open up. Interested on the GETUP Congress can acquire additional know-how in the field of BGM 2012. Main subject area of the Congress Friday busy 2012 with operational health management now stand the descriptions of the lectures on the homepage online. “Dr. Volker Hansen: meaning and limits of the BGM” BGM developed as theme in media and business to the perennial favorite.

Often blur the boundaries between BGM, operational health promotion (BGF) and protective measures (ASM) but. Dr. Volker Hansen will divide BGM/GFA and work protection in his speech and indicate possible, created as the framework for cooperation and the Cooperation of the actors can be optimized. More information about the lecture. “Prof. Dr.

Hans-Dieter Hermann: BGM: stress – stress reduction opportunities – coping with stress” within the work immediate stressors, you can find and identify conditions which lead to the experience of stress. BGM also means to identify these factors to reduce, if necessary, to modify and to offer affected chances of stress reduction and stress management. Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann will discuss current developments, because studies show that stress and its consequences in the industrialized nations is one of the main reasons for the absence in the workplace are sustained. More information about the lecture. “Martin Espen tap: BGM lived practice in an industrial enterprise” the lecture by Martin Espen Habib, head of personnel and social services of the largest producers of Coke for the ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, vividly focuses on the way from the needs assessment and analysis for BGM in a large industrial companies such as the KBS Coke Betriebsgesellschaft Schwelgern up to the practical implementation, including incorporating the opportunities for further development in the future. More information about the lecture. “Prof. Dr. Bernhard Allmann: BGM agent perspective – a different perspective.” BGM is currently rather seen from the perspective of the behaviour and relative prevention models and theories of Health Sciences and health psychology. The lecture by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Allmann considered the provider and user page of BGM based on the principal-agent theory and gives recommendations for implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises. More information about the lecture. Further information: – general guide to the GETUP Congress (www.getup-kongress.de) – main theme block BGM (www.getup-kongress.de/? page_id = 2274)-speakers 2012 (link to page_id = 1899)

Premiere: Online Exhibition VOI ECM EXPO 2013

The VOI launches the online fair VOI ECM EXPO CeBIT group in cooperation with the IT connection, the official XING IT XPERT Ambassador with approximately 73,000 members. Bonn, 4 March 2013. Throughout the year and around the world on the Internet accessible the IT connection arena offers information on all topics concerning it. Click on ECM EXPO or arena / starts the connection of the IT arena with 10 exhibition halls, the Hall 1 is the VOI ECM EXPO. Thus the VOI expands information around the topic of ECM Enterprise content management to a modern form of Internet presence. During the CeBIT partners the new virtual IT present on the VOI partner stand in Hall 3, D34. The connection of the IT arena is open to all IT companies, special conditions apply to VOI members. Visit the virtual exhibition is free of charge.

The virtual connection of the IT arena offers interested and IT providers the possibility to inform yourself comprehensively and at any time via the Internet. The exhibitor can all like on a real booth Present information portfolio. These include, for example, contact information, logo, QR-code, product flyer, user reports, job listings, webinars, Web interviews of calendar of events, photos, theme videos, and social media news. The IT connection arena offers every IT company three categories of trade fair stands: Basic, plus and premium. The base category is free of charge, the Plusvariante costs 9,00 euro per month, the premium level is offered to 29.00 euro per month (each plus VAT). Special conditions apply for VOI members. The VOI and its members present theme halls in the VOI ECM EXPO (Hall 1) and parallel in one of the nine. During the CeBIT inform the moderators of the VOI to the new online exhibition on the exhibition stand of the VOI, Hall 3, D34 and the XING IT connection group.

IT connection IT connection is the official IT – XPERT Ambassador – Group on strong interdisciplinary relationships between providers and users on XING with approx. 73,000 members and 40,000 posts and the platform for IT managers, are interested in. Target is the technical exchange and the intensive networking of participants IT connection. . The VOI voice of information”takes over the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in public institutions, industry, trade and service companies as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers and manufacturers of document-based solutions.

Pirates Treasure

So the company Piontek travels with her exceptionally crafted and highly attractive breakdance from bad mountains in Lower Saxony, Germany. Could the company in the field of classic mountain and Valley Railway Rapidly from Versmold with their commit Cosmont music store, whose itinerary is usually located in Ostwestfalen. Travel from the Netherlands will v.d. Marel the company with her almost exotic looping round ride EXPERIENCE of the manufacturer of CMM from the Netherlands. The store offers 24 passengers space, in which one of the six passenger carriers sit can experience four overlapping rotary motion. In doing so, rotate three boom to the mid-level and can be raised at different angles. T-beam, which in turn rotate the boom is located on the arms. At the end of this t-beam 4 seats are 2 * 2 back to back,, which also perform a separate rotation.

The drives run left and right – and can be individually controlled. As a result a completely individual driving sequence, which will draw especially the younger audience with fancy Thrillfahrten captivated respectively. Known and proven in Bergheim, the Mondial 36 metre high Ferris wheel falls under the category LIBERTY WHEEL of Ganta from Duren, which could be required by de Vries of the Netherlands for the first Easter funfair as well as the CRAZY roller COASTER. In terms of look and amusement will be there to experience a SIMULATOR, the company Koch & Lupp from Grevenbroich provides the auto skooter with their version NUMBER ONE. The offer in mountain home with rows of shops of all kinds, to the amusement of the game offering everything from roasted almonds, cold and warm drinks to a delicious fair sausage with Fries is supplemented.

Among others with Fredi Barber with pancakes, the “Hubertus market-treff”, “The Alpine Inn”, Dietrich’s are cans throwing, Jackmuths automatic car, the gripper “Toy box” on’s duck fishing. A novelty is present in the form of the “Berberdos” game booth Stefan Barber. This little Pirates Treasure collection embark and must capture gold nuggets from a treasure fountain – more precisely: balls swirling around must be caught with a net. The business is completely designed in pirates design. Are of course for the Smallest among fair visitors also rides of a diverse kind to joyful mood, entail children’s eyes shine. The first Easter funfair in Bergheim opens with the Mayor of the city, Maria Pfordt, on April 7 (Saturday) at 18:00. In the evening, then follows a fireworks of the opening. The hoopla is open from 14: 00 until 22:00 every day on Easter Sunday, Easter Monday the carousel turn already starting at 11:00. On Thursday, there is a family day with half fares on all rides and great special offers on all other transactions. On the final day, April 15, there is a large fireworks. We wish all participants of the event a highly successful premiere of the Easter Carnival! Text: Oliver Ziegler pictures: Oliver Ziegler (www.funfair-area.de)

Milton Keynes Systems

Frame producer informs students about different educational opportunities rank village, 15 April 2013 mounting systems GmbH from Rangsdorf opens again on 25 April 2013 the doors for girls and boys within the framework of the annual national girls’ day or 11 future tags in Brandenburg, Germany. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robotics expert is the place to go. Young people have the chance to meet technology-related occupations and courses of study at the frame manufacturer during the period 10 to 13:00 on the day. So mounting system offers the following positions: industrial and mechanic, technical system planners, study, specialist for system integration, machine and plant operator and the dual degree in mechanical engineering (design and manufacture). A lecture of the human resources department, a tour through the production and product training are on the agenda on the day of the event. Also visitors can try out in the small parts Assembly itself: such as the Assembly of individual components for a base system. Thomas Pontow, head of human resources at Mounting system, says: in a technical training math skills, technical knowledge and craftsmanship play a role in our company. “But the team thought that counts one explicitly in all our training.” For many years, invested the frame manufacturer specifically in the future of young people and qualified the future offspring.

“With our participation in the girls’ day/future day 2013 it comes us especially to inspire girls to technology-related training and to win”, says Thomas Pontow. Already last year visited 27 girls and boys from different Brandenburg and Berlin schools frame producers. For the umpteenth time, the company participated in the series of events. In addition, interested young people in the youth fair YOU about training offerings by mounting system on the stand in the Hall can inform 21B. The fair takes place from 31 May to 2 June 2013 in Berlin. The mounting systems GmbH is one of the largest mounting systems GmbH international frame producer in the field of solar energy. With 20 years experience in the market, the company is one of the most experienced manufacturers of frames and module frames for photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Today’s mounting systems GmbH was founded in 1993 in Dahlewitz/Berlin.

In September 2008, mounting systems GmbH started their operations as an independent company and since then independently sells its products on the market. Today, the mounting systems go out of Brandenburg in the whole world. 2010 opened mounting system a representation office in Lyon France, and started the construction of its own production in West Sacramento, United States 2011. Since March, 2012, an additional representation office in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom available is the customers. The Industrie – und Handelskammer Potsdam has awarded for their achievements the mounting system in October 2010 with the CAI the company of industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Potsdam in the category growth. In 2007 the Germanischer Lloyd certified according to ISO location in Rangsdorf near Berlin Has around 250 employees now work 17,000 m of large production and storage area on the. For editorial questions and images we are at all times available.