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New Seminar For Suchmaschinenoptimiertes Texts

3W-publishing ag offers a new Seminr for Suchmaschinenoptimiertes texts. Also you are among the people who update your Web site, be it with products or services news, news from the company, or with new vacancies, etc? Nevertheless does not appear but your site or only on the back pages in the search engines. This can have various reasons. One of the main reasons is the content of the website. Only who knows how his audience in the Internet search, can his lyrics optimize so that these are found in the search engines. The seminar “Suchmaschinenoptimierte write lyrics” will show you how easy to write texts that are found by your target audience in the search engines. Whenever Peter Asaro listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition to Web & corporate design services 3w-publishing offers from ag Langenthal now customers at seminars. The marketing-oriented way of thinking and trading is noticeably also at the seminars.

In the current seminar “Suchmaschinenoptimierte write texts” seminar participants learn how you must text the content of your websites,. For even more details, read what Alina de Almeida says on the issue. so these are found by the search engines. The seminar participants can access ag a 3w-publishing of over 10 years experience in this field. Thomas Schupfer, Managing Director and owner who ag clarifies 3w-publishing: We, as the 3w-publishing ag, want to offer our customers added value. With us is not the production of advertising materials in the foreground, 3w-publishing ag the objectives of each company in the foreground are clear.

Our seminars are oriented so that the participants can go home after the seminars with a large backpack and quickly into practice can implement your learnings. Information about 3w-publishing ag – the marketing-oriented Web & corporate design agency Web design and corporate design combines the company and 3w-publishing ag its customers added value offers. Under the aspect of the marketing-oriented perspective, sustainable solutions in the German-speaking countries be realized. Thomas Schupfer

House Resources

Make today the working world of tomorrow! A training offer the House of technology, which today is considered the oldest technically-oriented further education Institute of in Germany, from September 2013 especially for employees of HR in manufacturing companies, engineering firms, etc.. Why does the House of technology in addition to the technically-oriented topics specifically a training program for employees in the human resources? “Easily: customers of the House of technology e.V. are mostly manufacturing companies, engineering companies, etc. Aflac. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mashable by clicking through. with special challenges in staff development often lack the human resources development, such as lack of young specialists and masters level, high sick leave by physical work, shift work, etc., instead only” personnel management, often missing involvement of the HR strategy in corporate strategy, central human resources without direct staff contact in decentralised companies investment, which flow in development, sales and investment in staff development, new challenges posed by new legislation, new education (Bachelor’s and master’s degrees) and in-house projects. These challenges are known in the Haus der Technik. In addition to concrete solutions for special challenges the seminars and evening expert talks offer the opportunity to network with colleagues from other companies participants. Practicality and feasibility often enough be enthusiastic participants of a seminar and motivated back at their workplace and want to apply the learned, ideas to put into action, pick up pulses and implement suggestions. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. The implementation is special arrangements in practice then due to other as in the seminar of applied conditions, operating or must, etc.

often as a difficult challenge, which ends up frequently, that everything remains as it is. Blueprint human resources management programme”, particular emphasis is placed on practical relevance and feasibility: event leaders are all experienced practitioners, the deal with the Subject always coped in everyday work. Part of the offered seminars is participants so we get a day of seminars and a practice day offered with a lag time to concretize their ideas or projects in their company and to discuss with the speakers and other participants on the practice day, get feedback, to identify possible “snags” and to discuss solutions. The event manager learning from other industries all consciously come to the part from completely different, very dienstleistungsorierenten industries. Here solutions were developed for the personnel management already, which can be ground-breaking and inspiring for the manufacturing industry. The seminars also invite to find new and innovative solutions for the own area and to leave the beaten path. It isn’t solid tools without solid knowledge in the area of labour law, controlling and project management.

Therefore offers the program blueprint personnel management”also the corresponding modules. Fit and healthy in the future international studies: 95% of all diseases are caused by stress – especially due to stress from the own, increasingly complex work environment. A special course taught gives practical, today the physical and mental health of employees can stay encouraged and preserved through timely detection of stress symptoms among employees and targeted measures for dealing with stress. The blueprint human resources management “includes co-ordinated and separately bookable offers, which can be freely combined. So, each participant can create a unique blueprint for the challenges in human resources management.

Kalliopi Tsatsaronis

The course offered for the first time in 2011 is April 2013 in the second round. Now interested again have the opportunity, the first to register for semester, which starts on April 20. The programme comprises a total of three semesters and runs until September 2014. The course teaches a new understanding of life with Kairos, specifically how a life with the maximum own Cairo, the Navi that are inherent in every human being”to own, fulfilled human being, is possible. “In contrast to life with Chronos, the experience shows that for many people in a frenzied standstill” can end.

With the studies of Cairo participants train Cairo knowledge questions as: How do differ Chronos and Kairos? How proved life with Kairos privately and professionally? How is created thanks to the knowledge of the own Navi”a fulfilling quality of life? How can between by Cairo more harmonious? How masterful the Kairos perspective personal and entrepreneurial growth? Which barriers are to eliminate to achieve my moderate human being? The first two semesters of the Kairos science’s programme running from 2011 to 2013 have already been successfully completed with certification to the Cairo trainer after Dr. Hofmann eight participants. Zendesk shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The third semester of this first course is graduated in June 2013 vendors, speakers and attendants of the course are Dr. Karl Hofmann, Institute for Kairologie, FL at Augsburg, and Gabriela Linne, company KAIROS and line Cairo entrepreneur Center, Hofheim. The course is based on the 20-year exploration of Cairo by Dr. Hofmann in his Institute and the deep training of Cairo by Gabriela Linne in their first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs. More information on the course of Kairos Science: web/Akademeia/Studien_Kairos-Wissenschaft/Studiengang_Kairos-Wissenschaft/49/51/0/78.html Gabriela Linne, the founder of the company KAIROS, succeeds even nearly 19 years as an entrepreneur.

She has the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs 2006 in the Called Rhein-Main region in the life and early 2012 the KAIROS entrepreneurs Center together with the more than 20 years successful business consultant and Kairos trainer Kalliopi Tsatsaronis founded. COMPANY KAIROS is the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs with the credo: each unfolds. “Any different.” The name of Cairo is reminiscent of the Greek God of the right moment. Kairos stands for the ability, very own, moderate humanness”to live. Entrepreneurs regularly train this ability and develop themselves and constantly.

Communication Capacities

Excellent communication begins with attentive listening to! Accurate monitoring to facilitate communication. Before you immediately work on sophisticated rhetoric, please first consider whether you really always listen to your conversation partner. The great art of communication begins at this point. Learn to listen to first really in good communication training. Respect for the interlocutor give you attention and create such confidence.

A basis for their own communication ability is active listening. Only if you follow a conversation focused, you can reflect and respond to the other. Official site: Viacom. Demonstrate your interest in the conversation for example through direct eye contact, and nod your counterpart. Good conversation partner you can check easy every now and then, whether you have understood what I said. “With one I understand you correctly, that you…” you indicate that you carefully follow the course of the conversation, and we want to avoid misunderstandings.

Convince by using proven methods to convince the technique is to learn. To lay the foundations, in a good communication with the technology of active listening. There you will learn also that you should follow in the conversation to your conversation partner. You can find out more about him, his specific desires and needs with proven questioning techniques. Serious training without the mediation of manipulative or unfair tricks. Show respect to your conversation partner always. Never lose your confidence in conversation, because it will be almost impossible to win it back. Here for more information about rhetoric: rhetoric course the frontline consulting group is one of the leading German providers of continuing education with the issues management, communications, sales and project management. The seminars in small groups make it possible that every participant directly can implement what you learned and reflection, as well as coaching already take place at the seminar by the experienced trainer. By using proven learning methods will ensure the know-how transfer between practitioners and participants.


The display options of traffic lights or portfolios can be used for applications as well as for assessments recognize warning – and bubble signals in the field of view overlooking a green yellow red sectors. Not only complex situations with many assessment data can be clearly presented and assessed. An easy to understand presentation way such as, for example, the traffic light principle with green -, yellow – and Red areas clearly links at a glance and thus strengthens the credibility and acceptance of the assumptions and reviews. Candidate and job profiles analog can be developed based on the same concept: the profile charts are based on the traffic light principle in red -, yellow – and green sectors divided. So is clear at a glance which factors, for example, in the Red or yellow area come to lie and that first require a closer look. Each candidate factor tells his own story every single candidate factor is illuminated from three different sides. Namely among the various aspects of the quantity, quality, and Systematics. This has happened on both thorough and detailed way any of the shown values might already seen a story own for himself. Read more here: Ali Partovi.

These values can be but not only such candidate or job profiles create, but in particular also the already mentioned lights the Green then clear these values out, yellow dots or red signals. Maybe it’s just this uniqueness here derived from clear boundaries or also the very transparent due to their simplicity presentation that prevents some of them, to use such lights. The benefits are likely to outweigh. Above all, inducing gray areas can be avoided with many uncertainties. Because the candidates page, as well as the careers page are forced with this methodology, to disclose their criteria or clearer to define vague formulations. Communication between applicants and companies takes place on a platform of understandable to everyone. For more information see Koch Industries Wichita. Also complicating matters can be prepared for a comprehensible documentation. Third parties can gain insight. Becker, Jorg focuses on detailed procedures and instruments within the framework of a number of staff publications: personnel balances with intellectual capital the some other application and assessment tools, 2008; ISBN 978 3 8370 7001 9 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.de)

Training For The Own Life Success – Free Information Evening.

More free information on 26 November. Success and satisfaction has nothing to do with luck and accident. In the vernacular, they say: every man is his happiness fortune, because success follows rules and laws. Who knows these laws can take advantage of this and making a success of his own life in all areas. Management consultant and coach Erich Erwin Weissmann believes this also. Since 1982, he gives its participants, strategies, and methods that allow people to make their own lives strategically and successfully targeted according to your own preferences in numerous seminars, workshops and seminar series. In the orenda year training a movement in awareness taught and training the fundamentals for holistic successful life design Erich Erwin Weissmann.

In twelve parts of course – which each two days – spread over an entire year, trained with participants Mr Weissmann methods such as mental training, base emotions transformation, life planning,. Achieve goals, successful relationship management, communication training, personality development, self-image and self-confidence, problem-solving, intuition training and many others. These methods help participants step by step strategically and reliably so to make life as they imagine it. This seminar starts for the 58th time in January 2012. Since 1985, references of the participants prove a variety that the practice-oriented strategies and methods are sound and proven to help users succeed. In a question-answer forum Ali Partovi was the first to reply. For those who want to learn more, to the seminar series and themselves to make a first impression, is the opportunity – a free information evening, four times a year.

On these evenings, Mr Weissmann presents its guests in an approximately two-hour lecture more accurately the individual contents of the seminar series, and already gives the first methods. So they get to a method that helps this evening to deal with anxiety situation. Also Mr Weissmann is this evening too short orendatraining and the other seminar program. So that this frame is ideal for those who want to learn free of charge, and would like to know how they can make their lives more successful. The next free information evening will take place on November 26, 2011 in Gaufelden near Stuttgart. After the lecture, Mr Weissmann and his team for questions and discussions are available. There is also the possibility of the exchange of experience with participants who have already completed the seminar series. This information is free of charge. For organisational reasons is asked for a login. Erich Erwin Weissmann is founder of orendatrainings for holistic success and even two business owners. He educates and trains since 1984 holder, Managing Director and Board of Directors of medium-sized companies, as well as freelancers and managers in the area of success training and personal coaching. He has also since 1986 as a consultant and coach for strategic Active management for mid-sized companies. Organizer: orenda Institute for holistic success settler 46 71126 Gaufelden Tel. (07032) 7889-0 fax. (07032) 7889-78 mental training seminars coaching event: November 26, 2011 Tagungs – und Sporthotel of ARAMIS room Mr settlers Bergstrasse 40-44 71126 Gaufelden more information and register for the free info evening

Web Designer

Must IT-system Kaufmann what training be used? Developments in the field of the Internet have led that whole new professional groups could emerge. One of these new jobs trades under the name of IT system administrator or IT-system Kaufmann. Euroweb is known for his services in the field of Web design, not do without but also administrative staff. This means: so the customer by euro Web at all of the appropriate services or the IT system merchants to ensure, that this characterized by optimum quality, are used. Euroweb this fledgling profession offers not only a variety of jobs, but trains new recruits also in-house. Specifically expressed these professionals are required to be used, for example, at the disposition of the order. In addition, they are responsible for quality assurance. IT system merchants and women act as third field also as a point of contact for the Web Designer by Euroweb.

This task stems from the The fact that the IT system professionals has extensive knowledge relating to the individual software products. These jobs are for the euro Web company immense importance. Represent an interface and are thus in a sense an interface represents and keep running the proverbial wheel. As additional qualifications interested should bring some conditions. These include a high sense of responsibility as well as an above-average high load capacity. The willingness to independent working is required by euro Web.

It is also to highlight that IT system merchants should be fit in the English language. You are confronted every day with this. Especially the area that deals with various software programs, requires this qualification. Overall it is sch this profession an interesting and varied job for that but inherently a degree of resistance to stress should be brought.

New Platform For Teaching Materials

Since January 28, 2010, the platform Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de on the Internet is accessible. Since January 28, 2010, the platform Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de on the Internet is accessible. It is aimed at parents, teachers, trainees but also to authors and publishers. The website is very clearly designed and includes a wide range of work sheets, copy templates and educational games. In the main subjects German, mathematics and English are offered also teaching and learning materials for students with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Exercises for the concentration training as also various guides for parents, teachers and trainees are also available at Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de. Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de voucher for new customers the Internet portal Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de launches a new customer-focused strategy and offered a voucher for new customers over 5 euros. The customer will also receive this after opening a customer account by email. The voucher is redeemable immediately and requires no minimum order quantity. Starting at 99 cents a download is possible. It is therefore possible without the portal Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de for free to test risk customers. Trainees receive a discount at Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de in addition by 20 percent.

A template for trainees is located on the Web page, this must only be stamped by the school and can be sent by fax or mail to the owner of the portal. The portal operator has recognised the time pressure the PayPal payment option allows for an instant download of the material. Especially for parents, a timely deployment of exercises for the preparations on class work is often essential. The portal also offers payment options to advance payment, invoice and cash on delivery. In addition to downloads, also the acquisition of physical goods is possible, this shipping is only 4.90 euros. Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de focuses on quality and service Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de a quality of work materials assures its customers when purchasing of teaching and learning resources. To comply with this standard, check all the operators of the platform Documents of the authors prior to deploying the portal, on adherence to content as well as educational requirements. Questions regarding the materials or the delivery of physical goods, customers can contact support, and alternatively a service number from 7.00 to 19.00 available users on weekdays. Make money with Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de authors and publishers can offer their materials for sale on the platform. Whether educational games, worksheets, or copy templates, money makes with good materials in the long run earn. The portal Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de its authors guarantees a reasonable remuneration in the form of a participation in the net sales in contrast to many other platforms. As well, the author is named and can submit references to future clients. Testing of all materials ensures that only high quality teaching and learning materials are offered on the portal Unterrichtsmaterialien24.de. In an internal Forum is for authors the opportunity to exchange ideas and corrections to request. Link: