The Digital Canon Not Won The Election In Spain

These are the conclusions by the platform not to Canon Digital, which encompasses both associations of Internet users such as manufacturers and distributors of computer systems: > the total votes collected by parties who do not want the canon, except for the PSOE, CiU and the abstention of the PNV, was 13.827.453 votes. > 54.2% Of citizens gave their support to parties that have committed not to the digital canon in their electoral programmes, in case of winning the elections. > However, up to the PSOE, party that pushed for the current model of canon digital, has acknowledged that such a model should be checked and find a consistent solution for everyone, which meets to authors, users and manufacturers. > The European Union has opened the debate, but without imposing a common model for all its member countries, but the controversy has already arisen in several of these countries, and quite possibly in the next few years, there is a common law on the right to private copying and the defence of intellectual property. > platform has already begun its battle against the application of the levy.

He has counted with the support of three million signatures and over 50 municipalities which had been approved in its full, motions against the digital canon. > Result of the results of the last elections, the platform managers are determined to have all the meetings that are necessary with the new Executive which will be released in April to reach an agreement, while waiting if the European Union decides to take the step of establishing a law on digital royalties and unify criteria in all Member countries. > Platform has taken several judicial measures that pursue the abolition of Cannon, such as the filing of an appeal of unconstitutionality before the Constitutional Court, request for popular legislative initiatives to reform the LPI in Congress backed by collected signatures and submission of a claim in the courts for the defence of competition, in Spain and in Europe. On the other hand, also seeks the collaboration of all users so that they require in the courts the exemption from payment of the fee when Justice does not correspond. Original author and source of the article.