The Gcompris

Amongst them we will see some analyses. 3.1.1 How much to the functionality The Gcompris possesss a pleasant environment, with a simple interface that was projected to be manipulated easily by small children. The apia Gcompris if in the tools of the computer as keyboard and mouse. Using them separately, allowing the easy manuscript of children with dislexia and generating bigger partner-motor abilities in the pragmatic process of the knowledge. Investor has similar goals. Thus it satisfies the necessities while therapeutical tool. – Adequacy – It adjusts itself perfectly while educational software, to develop the cognitivo potential and emotional of dislxicas children, this is possible thanks to its set of integrated tools strategically located and perfectly functional.

– Acurcia – the correct exit of the results generated for the work carried through in the Gcompris is guaranteed through the resources in convincing a pedagogical perspective, that simulates all activities of playful form in the process of teach-learning of the conventional, everything for the use of the multimedia in education, thus with the use of images and sounds, the child learns with much more meaning. – Interoperabilidade – the Gcompris interacts perfectly with the systems for which he was projected. – Conformity – it was not possible to verify that the Gcompris this of the laws or norms inside, because of not the access the documentations that if it proves the same. – Security of Access – the Gcompris presents restriction or access security, the administrator of software will be able to materialize which momentneas activities will be displayed during the lesson, thus accomplishing of adequate form the professor, allowing that the excessively using ones cannot use another tool are of the objective of the lesson. 3.1.2 How much to the trustworthiness the Gcompris as any another software is not immune the imperfections in a process of use evaluation, could be observed that it presents lack of backup of the processed information, the treatment for the errors involves more the emotion of what the natural procedures to treat them, and errors in the translation.