The Industry

The difference starts with the level of recognition that you have on the web. Visit Steve Wozniak for more clarity on the issue. This is the professional in this industry has prepared to create a personal brand while the amateur just has basic knowledge, hoping that a miracle occurs to generate revenue online. Some of the questions that a prospectus is made before agreeing to enter a business of direct sales or MLM concept are:-this person will have the knowledge to successfully guide me? Some of the questions that you should make yourself is:-has credibility my name? -Could my name be sufficient value to become my unique selling proposition? -Perceive you your prospects as an expert? The amateur enters industry business concepts from home without a proper address and the results are that 95% are failing the first year. They are not trained in the basic principles that mark the difference between successful professional and that only attempts to initiate a concept counting get lucky. The professional has come a Road. Since its inception, I determine the importance that has educated, trained and follow a plan that allows you to grow your business and as a person. This professional in power, understood the importance of creating a PERSONAL brand by applying a set of universal principles in this industry of direct selling or network development.

These are some of the basic principles:-have a web page or blog itself. This should be easy to navigate, clean, without all these graphics of money coming from the ears of a prospectus. -Avoid having a web page generic, similar to all your colleagues. These pages should only be used as a query tool for customers registered on his personal blog. -Duplicate sales pages. These may that you functions according to your concept, but the ideal is to have your own page with your personal stamp, this shape helps strengthen your personal brand. -Create relationship. How many times have you heard that this is a people business and that our product is secondary? Then you must of establish a relationship with your prospect and show you really can help you in achieving your dream also.

-Design of your Blog or website. It is your business card. Imagine a blog with multicolored, distorted images or without meaning to the concept that you promote. What impression would you? -Marketing. You must show that you are. A professional in the industry, providing content of value to your blog or website. Using the tools of the industry to generate traffic and presenting a clear image. Structure your blog as a hub for information of value rather than a blog to promote your concept. Direct selling industry is growing, has doubled in the last decade. It exceeds 130 billion dollars a year. It participates in it professionally and you can achieve your financial independence, the quality of life you always dreamed to live. Visit: and we’ll help you build your financial independence professionally.