The Real Reason Why You Can Not Lose Weight

The real reason which can not lose weight Gordito (a), eater (a), round (a) … whatever nickname we know we have to lose weight and to have extra weight to normal at a time when it becomes uncomfortable, more so when we passed in front of that girl or boy they want to attract attention, but consciously know that we have to do something with our figure – ie Weight Loss – to get their attention. You may find that can contribute to your knowledge. Many took refuge in the famous saying ".. what matters is the inside not the outside .. "or" … if you really want to accept you as you are ..

"and does not contradict these truths, but often we use such expressions as a shield to not put an effective plan to lose weight. And every day the problem worsens and Weight Loss does not get easier. If … a) You get tired going up the fourth, third or worse the second floor of a building. b) The clothing began to apretarte. (It shrank or we gain weight .. = P) c) If the bones begin to dolernos or we have trouble breathing as if we needed air.

d) Or the people you said … "Have you gained weight?" They are alarms that tell us that we must take action before a potential risk of disease, fewer years of life, a sedentary lifestyle, One Body unathletic and therefore low self-esteem, and action to take is not to train your mind to eat little or extreme dieting or kill you and desvivirte in the gym, and although all these things are good and all have extremely high costs and too exhaustive discipline. What you can do .. a) eat healthy, balanced diet of fruit and vegetables. b) Refrain from foods high in sugar and oils (chips, soda, candy, etc) c) Fiscal year balance (especially those which require a greater amount of air in the lungs as well, clean the arteries of the heart) But there something that few know about Weight Loss in an effective, healthy, fast and proven. I invite you to find out a bit more .. For your health, your physical, your life and your future …