The Systemic Brain Evolution!

Why the brain is not a cybernetic machine! If we feel something as positive or negative, which causes an immediate and un-conscious re-action. All are technologically modified, archaic patterns. We can do otherwise. By the way the computer works linar-chonologisch. The brain works parallel-4 dimensional, etc – just much more complex! All human brains consist of areas 2 and 3 parts: analog = proportion of archaic: feminine, 80% growth, instinct digital share: masculine, 20%, civilize, control > development, intuition, heart and brain = Note: think means true taking contrasts (noise approx.

5%). Our brains work like this: analog (think) feel > digital think: remember differentiate plan past > present > future retrospective (<): experience < knowledge > projection (>): IDE(e)Al wishful thinking reality wish categorize > catalog (> criticize, correct) we all know the Western Trinity of body, Soul and spirit. S. Freud defined in accordance with because our psyche/soul as: superego – it = I we know that infants initially living in a symbiosis with their mother. Then, the ICH you phase crystallized (subject > object) out. We (5 + 3 sense) see our mother initially as matter (entities = objects) and more people and objects followed, such as that of home furnishings. The against – part of matter we can’t see: we feel energies: love, gravitation, (analog, subjectivity) from this episode out grown our language: subject-predicate-object (S-P-O). We learn to ask: what? (see > feel, differentiate, categorize > catalog) then: Yes No, then: where?, who? , (To order, quantity: more).

Later we ask after: when? After a further leap in development then: How?, why? (Purpose) and why? (Target) (Quality: better). Note: This is all here led to the Western or logic the Asian/Oriental (S-V(ERB)-O) think differently! Use the and logic of nature they think systemically. The why? Question is unknown in Asia! Chinese verbs know no time and not personalities, and that we.