The Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet And Your Applications (part 2)

Wacom Bamboo Fun (small & medium), bamboo & bamboo one. What you so everything on the PC and Mac users can do with the bamboo pen tablets from Wacom home. Part 2: Wacom Bamboo digital in King, note, signature, handwriting recognition, gestures. With bamboo (by Wacom), pen tablets to the natural input device for all PC & Mac users. Wacom Bamboo, bamboo fun and bamboo one all 3 pen tablet open users at home or in the Office a new, effective and creative ways to deal with the computer, and an unexpected variety of possible applications.

What ways shows the two-part series: Wacom Bamboo your options. Wacom Bamboo – digital in King with the function \”Digital in King\” you can use your bamboo pen so as you are accustomed to from a conventional pen. This function can be used in all Microsoft Office programs and impresses with its simplicity as also versatility: you are not sure about a number in Excel? Just circle the cell with the pen. There is a sentence in Word that you dislike? Simply underline. You have to tell someone the way? Quite simply, short sketches a small card and sent by Outlook. Digital ink is a feature in Microsoft Office 2007 Wacom Bamboo – record too many post-its on your desktop? Also a lot of paper with drawings and sketches lying around you? No problem.

With bamboo, you can leave the entire sort your computer: just write notes down or add small drawings with bamboo and insert your notes into the digital age. Record X with stickies you can on Microsoft Vista with journaling and Mac OS perform Wacom Bamboo – signatures in a world consisting of typed E-Mails, electronic documents, and video conferencing seems a handwritten signature not only a welcome change, but also a human style gives your communication. Sending a signal by setting your personal signature on documents and letters.