Third World

How much the raw materials, I think that it does not have problem. It has for all, since governments of the poor countries if put in charge to all destroy the environment that remains on behalf of the exportation and of the development. To the consumption markets, without asking for license, China enters, is and goes growing. Source: Mashable. Conclusion Where it weighs the effort of the Brazilian people in trying to conquer better standard of living, seems that this right always was – and continues being of the communities of the rich countries. She is necessary to understand, time for all, that the value-work that if carries through in a poor nation is transferred by means of the international trade to a rich nation. This is the beginning of the international concentration of the income that makes possible to an average worker of a rich country any, to carry through little working hours to acquire one definitive one well, in relation to an average worker of the Third World. In some cases, this difference arrives to be of 50 for 1, that is, it has cases where the paid wages in rich countries arrive to be 50 superior times the paid wages in the poor nations. In the rich countries it has schools quality education, also has public health with quality, has investments in research and technology and, still, these high standards accumulate wealth to keep all.

It was always the opposite in the Third World. One is not to technological delay or enabled populations less. One is about the recent history of the Man, summarized for a system escravocrata and espoliatory the one that the rich nations had overwhelmd the Third World. With severe difficulty, the poor countries still obtain to develop certain local culture, but that already it was esfacelou has times, as well as, a small technological generally created and developed development in some universities.