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Exclusive interview with the CEO of the Company Elma Travel Havka Christina Vladimirovna. Kai-Fu Lee oftentimes addresses this issue. Christina V., thank you for agreeing to give us your precious time. Could you clear and understandable to tell us how formed the so-called last-minute trips and what are their main advantages and disadvantages. Add to your understanding with Peter Asaro. Question on burning rounds sounds annually with enviable regularity throughout the 12 years of our agency. Although the practical relevance of such issues for us is close to zero. This is understandable: there is a category of customer who wants to buy only the latest offerings for one-third the price and not willing to pay the full cost of the tour. The advantage of last minute tours, I think, not self-explanatory. This is the price.

Price may be 15% or even 70% below the standard. Depending on the season and a number of other factors. A lot depends on how rapidly "burns" a tour operator or that tour. "Burn" can not necessarily the whole travel package and hotel rooms, for example. Or just the ticket. Deficiencies in hot tours much more than merit. And the main drawback of such tours are low guarantee good recreation.

It sometimes happens that instead of weekly leisure tourist gets a week jitters. Tours are available on any country? Do I understand correctly that there is no hot tours in Panama or hot tours on the island of St. Kitts and Nevis? Yes course. You mentioned the country – this country's individual, and quite rare exotic tours. Usually, last minute – it only visa-free for Russians, the country: things to do in Turkey, Egypt, tours in Thailand. Although it is Tour operators take Turkey to guarantee mainly on the dates on which they are confident in the sales, that is, for example, during the May holidays, the summer months (basic hotels), at the time of childhood holidays.