Touch Memory

Today, electronic locks and intercoms with Touch Memory technology ubiquitous. Probably everyone in the pocket on a keychain is a so-called key-pill, which is needed to get to the office or to the entrance. Not surprisingly, that many have to carry around all the time on a few key-caps, in addition to conventional keys, from which the band is heavy and bulky. Would not it be nice to replace the whole bunch of electronic keys to a universal intercom key that opens every door speakerphone! Now you have a chance! By purchasing our universal key, you will forever get rid of all the problems with the keys. You no longer have to freeze under door to the porch and remember the apartment number of your friends, to whom you came to visit, you will not have to call from your mobile and ask you to open staircase. Universal key to open the intercom can almost any intercom.

How it works: So how do you interact with the tablet “base”, as a passive device? It should be noted that the parade rules only master, that is, the tablet can not generate any pulses. Its the only way – to keep the tire at zero (close to the ground bus through the internal transistor). By default intercom is set voltage +5 volts, a la the logical unit. To send a logic zero through the master transistor closes the tire on the ground, but simply to transfer the unit opens. This is done to ensure food slave.