Traffic Trackers

Services for connecting to the Internet for individuals users and for organizations that provide network provider. They each have their own set of tariffs, different value, 'the thickness of the channel', the restriction traffic. For private clients ISPs often offer connections that were the rates include unlimited traffic, but the organization, most of them are connected to the payment terms for the actual consumed traffic. And even in a small company the amount paid for the right of access to global networks, are becoming very, very significant. In the financial crisis the company became more rigid approach to spending. Including revised budgets, allocated and on the Internet. Is it possible to reduce these costs without compromising quality? The answer is simple – it is possible. The only question, and in what way.

Methods can be used are different. The easiest – 'close' the Internet, leave, for example, only e-mail. The solution? Yes, definitely. But – uncomfortable, still need to monitor developments, market conditions, competitors. Yes, and your site needs to be support. Other methods are based on the use of different programs or services that solve two problems – reduction of traffic due to its compression ratio and a decrease in traffic due to different levels of access to resources, files, use of caching. Compression that the network information is performed by connecting to a dedicated server (acting as compressing proxy server) and install on your computer or server network of special client application. It may be, for example, the system cproxy.