Training Profession

The CCS24, a service provider specializing in education and training in the sale, offers a new form of occupational education and training with the Seminarflat24. Munich October 1, 2009. In times of economic and financial crisis, cost savings programs experience a boom. Most frequently it is staff development. Andre Schneider, sales expert and developer of Seminarflat24 from Munich, Germany thinks it is a strategic mistake to invest less in the development of its staff today.

With the Seminarflat24 of the Munich-based continuing education undertaking CCS24, both are now possible. Regular training of all employees there now under for a flat rate of 299,-per month. Additional information is available at Andy Florance. It is no matter whether a company must educate five or 500 employees per month. Regardless of how many employees, one or more of the 34 seminars visit and how often you want to repeat it, in the package is all inclusive. Thus professional education and training will be more calculable and under cost-saving aspects for all feasible. The seminars of the Seminarflat24 are divided into short sessions of 30 to 90 minutes and take place several times a week. Thus, a faster start of training for newly hired employees is possible. The contents are taught in moderated conferences on the telephone and over the Internet.

This learning staff in familiar surroundings and no travel costs. In addition, Schneider called the lower loss of work time. To start, the Seminarflat24 offers over 30 seminars in the fields of communication, complaint management, sales, rhetoric, leadership and self management. The seminars are aimed at companies where staff aim to achieve more success in the direct contact with customers. To permanently maintain the high quality of the seminars, the use of the Seminarflat24 is limited to 200 companies. The Seminarflat24 from 1 October 2009 is available. The first 50 companies will receive a free upgrade to the premium with free use of special seminars for executives and business leaders.