Training Programs

There is one very important point in this area that I want to draw your attention. We, the training program on "5 reasons for the low income "train leaders of skill to solve problems by staff. In any case, to direct the minds of employees to find solutions to the problems of the company. Just make it so that employees think about how to find a solution for problems existing in the company. And when the head begins to use the skills we taught him, he meets with such a situation: – He sees the problem and formulate it as a problem for which you want to find a solution – he staff collects and "voiced" the task before them – He asks, "Who thinks that this is impossible, and why?" – He listens to all the "impossible" and offers evidence that the difficulty is always a good thing that employees of it said. In a question-answer forum altavista was the first to reply.

– He recalls that the solution to this problem (which he set) will reach the common goals and lead to new developments. In any case, we need to solve it and he (the leader) expect it all – He asks, which employees have a solution and here is there is some trap! In answer to his question staff faithfully look at him in silence. Under most conditions Energy Capital Partners would agree. Pause. Long silence. Then the head starts to feel embarrassed.

And it can be understood. and it begins to seem that no one wants him to answer. After all, people are silent.