Unemployment Abroad

According to the IMF and other experts, until within 5 years, that is towards 2,014, it will not be begun to create net job in Spain. Perhaps at the end of 2,010 it is begun very weakly to create job, but in any case, of insignificant way. In this situation, many unemployed ones will be considering the possibility of looking for work outside Spain. To move to another country to look for work has a high cost, but now who decide on this option they have the possibility of continuing receiving Subsidio de Desempleo if they move to another country of the European Union to look for work. Additional information at isearch supports this article. The conditions to take refuge in this possibility are: – To be acquiring Unemployment. – To be enrolled at least for a month in the Spanish Services of Use. – The reason from the trip to another country is to look for use, reason why they must register in him like use plaintiffs – It is possible to be remained in that country up to 3 months, except in Portugal where the permanence can throughout be the time that lasts the benefit by unemployment. Passed 3 months of permanence in the country it can happen, a) that the worker has found use, in which case is suspended to the benefit by unemployment, b) that has not found a job and returns to Spain, in whose it will continue acquiring unemployment in the same conditions that when it left, and c) that work has not found and it does not return to Spain, stopping in this case the benefit by unemployment.

Any worker in unemployment can take refuge in this possibility without more requirement than to present/display a request of export of benefits in the Form and 303 will facilitate that us in the Office of the Public Service of Use that corresponds to him. Like last recommendation, before starting off he agrees to know clearly the country and the city where he is going to move to look for use. The directions of the services and agencies of use in to that can obtain them city by Internet, which will save time to him when arriving.