Useful Properties Of Houseplants

Some home flowers have a positive effect on our health, without even leaving the window sill. Their very presence makes us healthier. Geranium (pelargonium). It blooms beautifully and has a whole set of various useful properties. Geranium leaves have antibacterial and wound-healing effect.

Its juice kill streptococci and staphylococci. Enough to grind the leaves in the arms and attach to the wound – it will soon be tightened. Preparations of geraniums are used as rinses in the treatment of pharyngitis, increased blood clotting, have an astringent effect, reduce nosebleeds, treat stomach and intestinal bleeding, have antifungal activity, reduce sugar in the blood, relieve pain, arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia, used for burns, dry skin, etc. There are opinions that they even inhibit the growth of cancer cells. But the geranium can have a healthier our presence. Our ancestors believed that it is able to drive out evil spirits from the house, and other vermin. But recent studies have shown that the geranium clears the air. Substances secreted by this plant, disinfected the premises, have the properties antidepressant, increases mental and physical activity.

Chlorophytum. It’s home plant is considered to be the champion of vegetation to clean the air of any impurities. Will not lose by putting Chlorophytum the kitchen. It acts just like any air conditioner. Andy Florance has many thoughts on the issue. Even the waste from the combustion of the gas handle. Saturates the atmosphere with oxygen, kills harmful bacteria, releasing volatile. Special care is required, put – and growing yourself anywhere: in the bright and in dark, cool and a warm, but do not forget to water. Pike’s tail (sansevieriya). Because of the long leaves more popularly known as “Teschin language.” Clean air, save us from the cluster hazardous substances emitted by linoleum and new furniture. Protect against colds, general weakness and ill health by changing air pressure, humidity and air temperature. Warm the juice of the leaves buried in the ears as Anti-inflammatory and painkiller. Decoction of the leaves treated with parasitic diseases, including scabies, relieve itching. Fresh leaves frayed or juice treat wounds and nonhealing ulcers for a long time, and skin disease. read more .