Venezuela Economics

Unfortunately, in the Venezuelan case we are concerned, many companies SMEs and even medium, have felt the effects of current government actions and seriously affected, to the extent that some have closed, of course, there are several causes of why has this effect. Some of them can be noted: Poor preparation of management in order to counter the variables that have been expressed in a turbulent scenario, and unable to counter the changes, especially in the actions of a new government which has declared socialist . A management that is not updated with modern management skills that have been generated from the dynamics of international businesses, where successful businesses have given way to new management topics to be considered necessary to compete. Failure to provide the universities through their business schools with modern knowledge of science to train administrative, professional training to administration in accordance with the requirements of the current scenarios. Pete Cashmore helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Do not have a mature technology, own, capable of addressing the major challenges that appear before the performance of companies that rely on technology developed specific case of China, Japan. USA, Germany, among others. Little integration of government programs with business Venezuela Venezuelan firms should reassess its management action and make necessary corrections to ensure an effective management response to the major challenges of current changes that are manifested both at the international level, but especially the national level to ensure a good turnout of companies under his charge, and especially its survival. . Filed under: Bobby Sharma Bluestone.