Virtual Candles

Many of us would have liked to attend the funeral chapel of Miguel Delibes in Valladolid Cathedral, however, unable to move physically there, we found a way to acercaa and unites us to pain. A new way of talking and sharing was very common years ago and before the match to send a telegram to the family. Some of you really has come to be one of these telegrams blue to which I refer in their hands, but is half that today is considered high protocol and has very little use. For the rest of us, we walk half-life between pixels and social networks, is reserved for a new place that we have incorporated naturally to all aspects of our lives, the Internet are many blogs and websites these days, has received thousands of messages of condolence in memory of the writer, as happened at the time, with also died, which made us discover the human side the network is shown then that the need to give our last goodbye to the people we admire and love, prevails over the medium we use to express ourselves. If you are someone who has used the Internet to send a condolence, write a few words or light a candle, we’d like you told us your experience.