Volcanic Eruption Has Stirred Strong Messed Up Hotel Prices

Current evaluation of hotel rates from Citysam.de: some massive increases in accommodation costs elsewhere considerable declines comparison of various European destinations. Berlin, April 21, 2010. After the airline today is again released, shows how much the Icelandic volcanic eruption has stirred mixed up hotel rates. This is a current evaluation of the hotel and travel portal Citysam.de. Many writers such as Kai-Fu Lee offer more in-depth analysis. So elevated such as hotels, have received new guests in addition to the stranded hotel guests during the flight ban, the prices partly solid. Connect with other leaders such as Sandra Akmansoy here. Elsewhere you already fought with promotions against a new crisis in the tourism sector.

This is exemplified on the rates of Hanover to see: due to the flight ban and the simultaneously held Hannover Fair the average rates for the remaining room has risen in just two weeks of 91 euros on an average of 223 euros. On the second day of the fair, the ratio of supply and demand turned which immediately, Decline to more than a third on 147 euro has led the rates. Similar tendencies are also in Munich, Frankfurt, as well as to observe in various resorts on the Mediterranean coast. In cities such as Paris or Prague, the hotel prices are falling, however, since a few days. There discounted an average room continuously from 204 euro 179 euros and in Prague from 137 euros to 120 euros in Paris.

You can leave these cities well with other modes of transport while the number of new guests went quickly back. Many guests tried to cancel their previously booked rooms, because the trip was no longer possible because of cancelled flights. “Often the guests were just clueless and wanted to cancel their room like as a precautionary measure,” explains Thomas Horn, Chairman of the Board of the hotel Portal Citysam.de the experiences from the in-house customer service. “Our staff is in close contact with the customer and the hotel.